Friday, December 2, 2016

Trump is Trying to Stop the Recounts. What's He So Afraid Of?

Not over just yet.
Question: If the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania are "crazy" or "frivolous"...then why is Donald Trump trying so desperately to stop them? Maybe news like this has something to do with it? Remember that Trump himself told the nation that the election was fraudulent just a few days ago, which makes these legal moves by his lawyers and allies even more curious. If I didn't know any better, I'd guess that he knows his win is questionable and is scared that the truth will come out before he can take the oath of office. Hopefully the Clinton lawyers are ready to fight back.

I feel like there's a major story brewing just under the surface. The media isn't focusing on it too much right now because the idea that the election could be overturned does sound kinda crazy. And it would certainly be unprecedented.

But if there's any year where "crazy" and "unprecedented" apply, it's 2016.

Let the recounts and audits continue.


  1. I Keep telling Everyone. This Election IS NOT OVER YET... GO Hillary Team GO..

  2. The media isn't focusing on it because the media did everything it could to keep "that woman" from winning. No other motive has been as obvious as sexism for the media's distorted coverage of this election.

  3. Jill has been 'dissed' for her 'motives,' but she had standing, and Hillary wasn't going to ask for a recount, so I thank Jill for that. I don't think anyone who voted for Jill would have voted for Hillary even if she'd asked them to, not after Bernie raised so much money with his 'friendly fire' claim she is 'untrustworthy.'

    The media was irresponsible too, and continues to be, but they're people, just like the irresponsible 60M who voted for Trump, the known serial liar sexual predator the alt right loves loves loves.

    I don't have much hope, but it will at least narrow his 'win' and who knows, maybe it'll get reversed. By now the working class white's ought to know that they were rightly warned, he's not a guy who cares about anyone but his own hoary hide. He's having fun, humiliating Romney more, and Christie more, he loves to make his loyal supporters prove it, and those Republicans who saw him as the Trumpster he is, eat merde and/or beg.

    At last someone has reported on the other problem with Trump Towers all over the world, sitting ducks they are, on the ISIS map for inauguration day (his secret plan, keep them busy going for the Trump Twin Towers in Turkey? What's President Elect Thin Skin going to do when his properties go down in value because the Trump Name grew a bull's eye?

    as usual, it's HillaryHQ that has the news, thanks scan, you rock!

  4. looks like trump made a big mistake picking Pence and not Christie. He must have thought he needed Pence to win, but what he did was select a replacement who is more popular among the Republicans, much more, and is acceptable when they impeach him. And they can, even if he divests he's likely to accept favors improvidently and provide sufficient cause. He forgot Reagan's rule, pick a VP no one wants, for protection. Now they have him where they want him, but, has he noticed?

    He's between ISIS attacking his properties, and the Republicans looking for an excuse.

    he's never been forward looking but he has the chance to throw it to Hillary, if he wants to save his business, or be Pence's 'bitch,' bent over Ryan's barrel.

    he won't of course, he'll try to keep the mob appeased and use them to 'scare' the Republicans, who only care about their own jobs.

    this is a bad business

  5. the PPP poll found that most trump voters believed his lies, or say they do: That Trump really won in California so that California results should be tossed out, that unemployment didn't really go down, a vast conspiracy theory that requires they believe all the states submitted false data and all the statisticians were in on the 'fix' that 'changed' the way the government tracks the numbers by leaving out those who aren't looking for work or who gave up - wait, that's always been the case and why the number can be compared to previous times, (oh well). They also believe that the stock market didn't go up because of Obama's efforts to save the economy but in spite of him, or didn't go up at all. They believe that this time millions of voters cast ballots illegally because some legal voters oughtn't be allowed to vote (think - Mexican-American). And they think that Soros is spending millions sending thugs to trump rallies to pretend they are for trump and beat people up, the hate crimes some from Soros. They also think Trump should keep his tax returns secret, because they don't think he should be held accountable, and they think we should give him a chance.

    there has to be a big desire to believe BS in order to belief all of that. Which means, there is a big desire to not believe facts and truth, it's a truth denier sensibility, an effort on the part of the mind to not think. To the extent that it's the 25 and under who think like that, I think 8 years of Bush Jr. and 8 years of seeing the limits of rational has melted some young minds, and I only hope they can recover, they want to believe in innocence and Trump picked them off.

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