Monday, December 19, 2016

The People's President

The Electoral College has got to go.


  1. The reporters are focusing on their deficient Trump reporting, but they started deficient with Sanders, elevating him to create a narrative against Hillary, and pandering to his young angry supporters. That bar was set low for Sanders, so how could they raise it for Donald? Sanders even said he'd debate Donald. When the NY News came out with that interview, the other papers already knew, that's why he got few endorsements.

    And even after that shame his supporters wanted her 'locked up' and he let them say that. I went to a Hillary event in SF and was yelled at and menaced by Sander's people who were mostly targeting kids there with their parents, and Sanders didn't speak out against that, so why would Donald? Sanders disclaimed his own violence, why would Trump acknowledge his own? The press did not vet Bernie and Bernie isn't getting any blame for her close loss, as if he hadn't been in Michigan claiming she's a pawn of wall street and can't be trusted.

    And those leaked Russian emails were first used by Bernie's group, to bolster their false narrative the the DNC had worked against his nomination and that was when it was over, that narrative was Bernie's. The first liar was Bernie, so they didn't call Trump a liar, he got in under Bernie's cover.

    "Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned Sunday as Democratic Party chairwoman over leaked emails suggesting the supposedly neutral Democratic National Committee favored Clinton over Sanders during the primaries. The emails enraged Sanders supporters."

  2. now I hear Bernie's backers are agreeing with Richard Reich, an early Bernie supporter, in dissing Hillary, who is still married to a former president, and who should go to the inauguration, to celebrate the peaceful turnover of power in democratic societies. That is not a norm that should be broken, especially now, given how Trump is behaving toward Putin.

    they only want to fight and never win, that's the Bernie way, who is now so happy that he can lead the fight that he lost for us.

  3. thank you for keeping this one, Scan, so we can comment.

    I caught Streep's speech and thought she is spot on. Back when Hillary made the deplorable joke, I knew it was a mistake, not because she was wrong, but because Trump's supporters who aren't totally deplorable or just cynical and self-serving, are the 21st century victims, of their own taste. It isn't enough that they see humiliation as entertainment, and what else is the so-called 'reality' television, the outgrowth of the Gong Show, if we don't, they feel judged by us. We think we're better than them, and that's true, and once that was wrong, but now that they have take the extreme step of endangering their neighbors and the world for an act of petty revenge, by the man who humiliates with glee but can't be humiliated no matter his exposed ignorance, or the exposer of his most blatant lies, they lost their claim to the hard working, church going, but losing ground anyway high road.

    Yes, "football and mixed martial arts, .... are not the arts."

    My message to them 'get a library card!'

  4. does anyone know which ones over at DK were Russian paid trolls?

  5. Often people 'reveal' their own misdeeds by what they accuse others of doing, it's on their minds, and so it comes out, and since it's true of them it seems plausible that others would do the same misdeeds.

    Fixing the election has been a donald staple, and Rudy knowing that the Wikileaks would 'drop' something that would take over the fascination of the media, even though they showed almost nothing at all (which should have been reported as a sign of high road, and not a chance to spin next to nothing as if it were something, but that's our Hillary hunting media, go figure, Rudy wasn't wrong, even Bernie helped spin it into 'rigged' and helped Donald win.)

    So the story now breaks which we knew, because Trump used what the Russians gave him to beat up a high-minded qualified responsible girl candidate, and before then one of his guy was 'tied' and quit Donald's team to kill that story (that should have not have been killed).

    And now it turns out Comey knew that too, before he brought back his own 1-year contribution to bringing us a possible traitor, but one who has perhaps promised him a job on the Supremes, he knew that there was intelligence that indicated Donald may have been compromised to the point that he could betray the office to save himself and/or what's left of his fortune.

    What do the Russians have on Trump? they say financial and personal.

    His financial dealings with their own oligarchs it likelihood #1.

    But personal, to actually hurt him it would have to be under-age girls or cocaine, and I'd bet both, he accused Clinton of needing to be drug tested after he was sniffing on stage, which is a sign it's on his mind and to him plausible. But I think under-age girls is what they really have on him. It's a Russian thang, like hacking, they may have a DVD.

    Thank you Comey, and Mitch, your wife got a job, he works for you.

    But a real thank you to McCain, he isn't always right and we agree on little, but he's a decent man.

  6. Thank you for all your hard work. Loved your blog.

  7. None of you guys would be saying any of this had Hillary won. What happened to accepting the voice of the people? If the electoral college dies, so does the voice of the small states. Only California and New York would decide presidents.

    Not smart at all.

  8. She is the REAL President Frank.She got more VOTES Frank. She is my PRESIDENT..Frank. Trump Is not my President Frank..

  9. She is the REAL President Frank.She got more VOTES Frank. She is my PRESIDENT..Frank. Trump Is not my President Frank..


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