Thursday, November 3, 2016

VIDEO: Hillary Speaks at Massive Rally at Arizona State University (11/2/16)

Doug Mills/NYT
WOW! Look at that! I think we're gonna win Arizona!

NBC News:
Hillary Clinton told supporters in Arizona late Wednesday that the traditional Republican stronghold was "in play for the first time in years" as she addressed her biggest crowd of the campaign to date.

Speaking to a rally of 15,000 people in Tempe, she noted that Arizona has only backed a Democrat for president once since 1948 — and that was for Bill Clinton in 1996.

"We have a real chance to turn this state blue again," she added.

Clinton continued to push down-ballot Democrats, but also took a swipe at local Sheriff Joe Arpaio — who has made a name for himself by targeting Latinos — and urged voters to support his opponent.

"I think it's time you had a new sheriff in town, don't you?" Clinton said, to loud cheers.

Throughout her speech, Clinton asked voters to "imagine" what a Donald Trump presidency might look like.

"One way or another … America is going to have a new president. We will have change. The question is: what kind of change are we going to have?" she asked at the outdoor rally on the Arizona State University campus.

"Imagine having a president who demeans women, mocks the disables, insults Latinos, African Americans, Muslims, POWs, who pits people against each other instead of pulling us together, someone with a very thin skin, who lashes out anyone who challenges him, who praises adversaries like Vladimir Putin and picks fights with our allies and even insults the pope."
15,000 people! That's the second-biggest rally of her entire campaign. But I've heard that the number might actually be a little higher than that. Watch her full speech here:

But the fun didn't end there...

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  1. I want this one, it's a vote against racism and for diversity, a vote against hate and for love, do it Arizona, go blue.