Thursday, November 3, 2016

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton in Winterville, NC

New York Daily News:
Hillary Clinton took the stage in North Carolina Thursday for the first of two rallies she has planned for the Tar Heel State — and she started with a shout-out to the World Series-winning Chicago Cubs.

“The last time the Cubs won, women couldn’t vote. I think women are making up for that in this election,” she said, as chants of “Hillary! Hillary!” erupted.

Clinton was introduced by Mae Brown Higgins, an African-American woman who says she was denied an apartment at a Donald Trump building because of her race.

Wiggins cried as she told her story for the Winterville crowd.

"When I think about how they lied to me just because I was black, I still feel the anger,” Wiggins said of the rejection in 1963, when she was a 33-year-old nurse living in Harlem who wanted to rent a one-bedroom in a Queens Trump building.

After Wiggins introduced Clinton and the Democratic presidential candidate took a moment to celebrate the Cubs victory — saying she wished her Midwestern father could have seen it — the talk returned to Trump.

Clinton unleashed a torrent of criticism aimed at her Republican rival’s famously touchy temper — and poked fun at Trump’s claim that morning at a rally in Jacksonville, Florida, that he was “honored to have the greatest temperament that anyone's ever had.”

Calling him “thin-skinned” and unqualified to be President, Clinton took aim at Trump’s talk about African-Americans and living in dangerous, violent "inner-cities."

He is someone “who thinks the lives of black people are all crime and poverty and despair. He has no idea about the strength of the black church, the vibrancy of black-owned businesses, the excellency of historically-black colleges and universities, the power of social justice movements,” Clinton told the cheering crowd.

Clinton closed with a heartfelt plea for voters to choose her over Trump, reiterating that she has dedicated her life’s work to improving the lives of others.

“I just don’t believe we’re at our best when we stoke fear in each other,” she told the cheering crowd.

Clinton is going to appear again in North Carolina with Bernie Sanders and Pharrell Williams on Thursday night.
Watch the full rally below, which includes the introduction from Ms. Higgins. Hillary enters at the 24-minute mark (and if you're wondering why she refers to Greenville, it's because Winterville is a small town in that metropolitan area).

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