Saturday, November 5, 2016

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton in Detroit (11/4/16)

Detroit News:
Democrat Hillary Clinton said Friday that she will be an agent of change if elected president as she attacked Republican rival Donald Trump as disqualified to be president.

The former secretary of state’s stop into Detroit four days before Election Day underscored how the presidential race in Michigan has intensified in the final week of a grueling campaign.

“You have to vote. Our progress is on the line,” said Clinton, urging a crowd of more than 4,100 people packed into Eastern Market’s Shed 3 to go to the polls on Tuesday. “Everything that’s happened up until this point is on the line.”

Although President Barack Obama supports her candidacy as a continuation of his legacy, Clinton said her administration would be different, especially compared with Trump’s agenda.

“There will be change,” Clinton said. “The question is, what kind of change?”

“If my opponent were to win, we’d have a president who’s only ever been in it for himself,” she later added.

Clinton used the 30-minute speech to rally supporters four days before Election Day while acknowledging “it has been a really tough campaign.”

“But I’ll tell you what, Michigan, you can make the difference,” she said.

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