Tuesday, November 8, 2016

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton & Friends in Philadelphia and Raleigh, NC

New York Daily News:
Hillary Clinton returned to the birthplace of American independence to make her closing argument Monday night, using Independence Hall as a backdrop as she laid the stakes for what she described as a generation-defining election.

"Years from today when your kids and grandkids ask what you did in 2016 when everything was on the line, I want you to be able to say that you did vote, that you voted for an inclusive, big-hearted, open-minded country, a future that will make sure that we will all keep moving together," she declared to a massive crowd the campaign estimated at 30,000 braving the autumn chill to see a Democratic show of force against Donald Trump.

Philadelphia has taken on outsized importance in recent weeks, and not just because of its place in American history. It's the city Clinton is depending on to take her over the finish line, handing her crucial Pennsylvania and possibly the election. The state represents Trump's best chance at winning a historically Democratic state he needs to get the electoral votes needed for the White House.

And with no early voting in the state, Clinton brought out the heavy hitters to land her closing message at her penultimate rally: President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, her husband Bill, daughter Chelsea, Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen.

"There is a clear choice in this election, a choice between division or unity, between an economy that works for everyone or only those at the top, between strong steady leadership or a loose cannon who could put everything at risk," she declared. "Tomorrow we face the test of our time. What will we vote for, not just against, what will we decide is on the ballot? Because although my name and my opponent's name may be on the ballot every issues you care about is on that ballot."
Here are the full speeches by Chelsea, Bill, Michelle, Barack and Hillary...as well as a pre-speech performance by Bruce Springsteen:

This historic event set the record as the biggest rally by any candidate in this entire election! But it didn't stop there. Hillary, Bill and Chelsea then flew to Raleigh, NC for a midnight encore rally with with Lady Gaga that was perhaps the most energetic rally by any candidate in this entire election:

This is the final "speech post" at Hillary HQ before the election. Enjoy!


  1. that was pretty exciting, even watching on television, both thrilling and soothing

  2. looks like all the big turnout long line benchmark reports are in Democratic leaning places. high turnout in general is good for us and not so good for the other side.