Friday, November 4, 2016

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton and Mark Cuban in Pittsburgh
Hillary Clinton was ushered into the Great Hall of Heinz Field by two Steeler heroes — and embraced on stage by Pittsburgh native Mark Cuban.

“I really appreciate having my two escorts, Mel Blount and Franco Harris,” she said.

A large, enthusiastic mid-day crowd of 1,700 or so prompted Clinton to declare: “Wow. I think this is one of the best places for a crowd event ever.”

And it was a lighter, funnier Clinton who joked with the crowd about her debates with Donald Trump.

“You got to have a sense of preparation, readiness, calmness, composure. And I’ll tell you some of what I heard coming from my opponent, it was really hard not to go, what did you say,” she said.

But Clinton got very serious in describing how she, unlike Trump, can work across party lines as president.

“You bring people together, you put them around the table, they don’t all agree with each other, and then you work to find common ground. That’s what I did in the Senate and as Secretary of State. I couldn’t haven’t gotten anything done if I hadn’t worked with republicans and others,” she said.
The video above begins with a portion of Cuban's introduction, followed by Clinton's full speech at the 7-minute mark.


  1. finally somebody noticed what we've known, what I got lifetime banned from Dkos for knowing and blogging:

  2. and vox got this one (at last) too:

    Nothing was more painful for me than seeing her forced to take this matter seriously, to hear Powell claim he hadn't given that advice, when he had and when he'd deleted his rather turn what he had over.

    and now, sadly, I am watching CNN and they're claiming she is going low by quoting Trump, if they know that why don't they say it themselves? Facts about him is not going low, it's going fact based, it's sticking to the facts!!!!!