Tuesday, November 8, 2016

TIMELINE: What to Look For as the Polls Close

It's go time...and the map above (courtesy of Daily Kos Elections) is absolutely essential.

Here's a handy timeline for what to look for as we witness history.

The first poll closings in the nation, which include parts of Indiana and Kentucky, occur at 6pm ET. There's no chance that any calls will be made until an hour later, but we can still watch the Indiana Senate race results to see if there are any positive early signs for the Democrats downballot.

At 7pm ET, watch Virginia. If it gets called immediately or very soon, Republicans are going to be in a world of hurt all night. Whatever the case, Clinton's margin here will be an important early indicator of national Democratic turnout. Georgia will likely be too close to call for a while. Most interestingly of all, the Florida numbers will start to come in, though we'll need to wait another hour for any call or characterization.

At 7:30pm, polls close in North Carolina and Ohio. I expect both of them to be too close to call for a while. But looking closely at the raw numbers should tell us how things are going soon enough.

8pm ET will be huge. Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and almost all of Michigan and Texas will be done. The hour that follows will be intense!

At 9pm ET, we may immediately know for sure whether the entire blue wall holds and Clinton secures the win. There's also a good chance that we'll have to wait a little bit, but that's nothing to worry about. Colorado and New Mexico also wrap up then, and those calls might be quick as well.

Nevada closes an hour later at 10pm ET, and there's a very good chance that we'll officially know who the next president will be at 11pm ET when the West Coast comes in.

I guess that's pretty complicated, so here's a quick cheat sheet: If Pennsylvania is called quickly for Hillary, uncork the champagne. And when either Florida or North Carolina are called for Hillary, go ahead and start the celebration.

Follow along with Hillary HQ on Twitter for all the latest results and tea leaves starting now. As a reminder, you don't need a Twitter account to see the information...just keep refreshing the page.

The next posts you see on this site will breaking news alerts. Stay tuned for history!


  1. Im so nervous I could eat my own hand

    1. I want to be excited but its not everyday you are faced w/ a candidate who would endanger the republic and the world/

    2. this will be the first show of competence, as well as learning from experience, she has put together and inspired an incredible and skillful team, it's a preliminary view of what government will run like (like her campaign). She doesn't just say it's bringing people together, she's showing bringing people together. Nothing personal, nothing petty, running for president is a job and so is being president and she's working for us.

      Which won't help, I know, but I think you'll quickly grow accustomed to trusting her to do the best job possible at whatever the job is.

      and, it'll be fun, she's the least depressing candidate, ever

    3. okay, now I am nervous, I still think Americans won't let a guy like Trump into the oval office, but there are more white people voting and he's getting more of them than Mitt got, so I guess it is a class thing, which I knew, I knew they've felt insulted, and they identify with Trump who feels no shame, while they do feel shame for their poverty and for falling behind. So, I am officially nervous. Only I know Hillary left no stone unturned, she had thrown herself into it, for us, no one has campaigned harder or gotten more people together.

  2. OK Im in full blown panic heart attack mode.
    She has to pull off MI, otherwise its over. NC FL and OH are gone :(

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