Saturday, November 5, 2016

Three More Days

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  1. trump is claiming he's all alone is a good thing, no one wants to campaign for him or for him, even his wife used her speech to distance from him. But that does not let Ryan or the others off the hook, not standing next to him, skipping the photo ops, because they hope he loses and only want the turn out to give us more gridlock, does not let them off the hook.

    When Lynch first replaced Holder I sort of knew she'd do things like recuse, she's the most square person on earth. Holder didn't go after Bush and Cheney for lying about the war, Lynch would have, even though it would have harmed the recovery and the nation, she would have held them to account.

    And she will hold the FBI to account, she took the high road and Comey took the wrong road, and Obama won't be able to dissuade her, she prosecutes those who break the law, and in the FBI using the office to influence elections isn't legal.

    Kelley and Baroni (who I used to call Baloney, but now I call, 'see you in 20 years,') were prosecuted, and convicted, and Christie got off the hook not because he wasn't the brains behind it, but because they chose to go after the little people.

    Lynch won't make that distinction, she'll go after all the law-breakers. (Although I have some hope that there is a case being prepared against Christie that isn't this one, but the one that involved Hoboken and that Fishman isn't through.)