Monday, November 7, 2016

State of the Race: 1 Day To Go

If the polls are correct, tomorrow we're going to elect the first woman president in the 240-year history of the United States.
There are more, but they all show Clinton ahead. However, none of it matters if you don't vote.

My personal hunch is that Hillary's margin will be larger than expected due to a few reasons:

  • Superior Democratic ground game
  • Unexpectedly large GOP crossover to Hillary, especially among women
  • Shockingly massive turnout among non-white voters
  • Late shift among final deciders due to Trump's dramatic unqualifications for the job (i.e. nuclear codes) and Comey's "in the clear" letter

There's no telling what the final margins will be and what kind of Congress we'll get. But after two years of supporting this amazing candidate during tremendous highs, distressing lows, and everything in between...I'm personally planning on one hell of a party around 11pm ET tomorrow.

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