Thursday, November 3, 2016

Only Two Days Left in Texas Early Voting and Democrats Are Crushing It - Get Out and VOTE!

Kelsey Dake/NYT
Awesome job, Texas Democrats! You've been absolutely crushing it in early voting and breaking records all across the state! I'm so proud of what we have accomplished so far.

Via Texas Observer:
The first few days of early voting saw record turnout in Texas. By day four, more voters had gone to the polls than in the first seven days of voting in 2008. And historically, the early voting period is a good time for the Republican Party in Texas. Republicans typically vastly outperform Democrats, guaranteeing a greater percentage of banked votes for the GOP ahead of Election Day.

Not this year.

A larger percentage of Democratic voters have been turning out in the 20 most populous counties in the first seven days of early voting, according to an analysis by Derek Ryan, an Austin-based political strategist who works for Republicans.

“Not as many Republicans percentage-wise have shown up because they’re not as enthusiastic,” said Ryan.
Unenthusiastic Republicans. In Texas! Gotta love it.
Though the presidential race will likely still favor Trump in Texas, the higher early voter turnout portends well for Democrats in local races, said Colin Strother, a Democratic political strategist. The boost in voter turnout could provide an advantage to Democrat Pete Gallego, who lost the 23rd congressional district seat by fewer than 2,000 votes in 2014 and former state Representative Mary Ann Perez, who lost her seat by 152 votes to Republican Gilbert Peña in 2014.
“If vote totals continue on this trajectory, history shows that Democrats will do well,” he said.
Obviously, if Hillary bucks the odds and actually wins Texas it would be an electoral earthquake of the highest order. But even if she comes up a little short, it would probably be a huge day for the state legislature and flip a U.S. House seat or two (or three?). And since Democrats winning the House will be a game of inches...every inch counts.

One other wild card to throw in there: You know that "crazy" Florida poll that had 28% of GOP early voters switching over to Hillary? If that's even close to reality in Florida, perhaps it might be happening in Texas as well. After all, there are a ton of suburban women and Latino voters in the state. I guess we'll find out in a few days!

IMPORTANT: There are only two days left of early voting Texas (Thursday and Friday). The last day is always a madhouse, so vote today if you haven't already and bank it for the blue team! And don't forget to remind your Hillary-supporting friends and family to do the same.

To find your nearest early voting location, go to Also, here are links for some major metropolitan counties with numerous convenient voting locations:

Bexar County
Dallas County
El Paso County
Harris County
Tarrant County
Travis County

For additional info, including what voter ID you should bring along, visit

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  1. time to brag on me (and put out a resume for free analysis):

    I said she'd never distance from Obama, because the are similar people, it would be distancing from herself.

    I said that normal Republicans would vote for her just on her obvious competence, she would not have to move to the center to get them, they'd move to the progressive.

    Before anyone else, I said that she is a Methodist, who lives the creed and doesn't brag. She's not godless like me, she's a believer.

    When she was saying she's a moderate, I corrected her, based it on her own record and on her platform, I said she's a progressive, she just likes to get stuff down. I said she gets the best deal she can and then tries to make it better. I said she only votes for what is a real improvement in real people's lives that doesn't foreclose more improvement.

    When the email story first started, I said it's impossible that she sent anything marked classified, she'd never do anything like that, she's straight arrow.

    Before the Benghazi witch trial I said that kind of thing is fun for her, and I planned to buy popcorn and watch her do her thang.

    I said she makes mistakes (fewer than most) but she learns from them.

    I said she's evidence based and she gets expert opinions, and she deliberates and makes the best decisions based on her judgement of the facts, the evidence and the expert opinions (never on whims or hunches or rolling dice).

    when the second awful debate ended, and she answered first, that she admires Donald's kids, and he said he admired her stamina, i said, that's how she's going to get things through congress, she's smart and nice.

    I wrote my thesis on executive women and findings - thick skin because they love the job which is carrying forward their childhood passion, and amazing stamina, was found in all of them and double in Hillary. (women firsts always have to be the bests of the best to withstand it)

    And when she's elected, I say:

    She will be a president who makes no political favor appointments, she'll always pick the person best qualified, who also works well with others and doesn't take credit for someone else's work, for every job. She sees all positions as jobs and her loyalty is to us, and only us. She has old friends, but she doesn't hire friends, she kicks back with friends but her friends are not her baggage.

    She will hire more women because there are lots of qualified women, and she'll want them all to mentor those they hire, so that there is a growing pool of engaged and qualified workers. She will require all agency heads to write manuals so anyone can step in and know what the job takes, with updates as things change.

    She will gets cool architects for public buildings, for beauty and utility. She will accept only those designs that age well, look even better in 100 years, and that are people friendly, handicapped friendly, and child friendly.

    enough for now