Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hillary News & Views: Thank You, Hillary.

By Lysis

Thank you, Hillary.

Thank you for standing up for and standing with marginalized communities, for being the one who was willing to look the bully in the eye and fight back on behalf of all of us, knowing full well that the bully often wins.

Thank you for being willing to serve, knowing full well you would be giving us the final years of your life to do so.

Thank you for offering up your gifts and talents, knowing full well that in return, you would receive dehumanizing character assassination rooted in merciless and shameless misogyny.

Thank you for believing in our country, that our better angels could persevere and for believing that America is great because it is good, even if that’s so much harder to believe today than it was yesterday.

Thank you for your graciousness and dignity, accepting your victories along the way with the same humility you have always shown in defeat.

Thank you for your tireless work ethic, always showing up the most prepared and with policies the most thought-through, which always demonstrated to me how seriously you took the job that you were applying for.

Thank you for showing me how to be an ally, which requires listening and the centering of needs more urgent than my own. I will forever stand with the communities that supported you in this election, and I will try, in my own small way, to be the a voice for them the way that you promised to be as our president.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to cast my vote for you, and in return, I promise to carry on the work that you have begun and I am sure that you will continue to do, because you always find another way to serve, a way to get back up when knocked down, and a way toward an open window when the door in front of you has been locked shut.

You are not crooked. You never were.

You are not a warmonger. You never were.

You are not cold and calculated. You never were.

You are not a neoliberal or a feminazi or a criminal or a corporatist or any other slur that was used to divorce the woman from her life’s work.

You are great because you are good.

I will forever be grateful for your leadership through example, and I will forever be proud that I cast a vote for justice, equality, compassion, and inclusiveness when I cast my vote for you.

Thank you, Hillary.


  1. Again, thank you Hillary HQ for keeping us informed, engaged, and relatively sane throughout this journey. I hope you'll be around in a few years to be our guide on the next great journey. God Bless.

  2. Only death in my family has ever left me so devastated.

  3. thank you Hillary,

    For trying your hardest, always, making things better to the best of your opportunity and ability, and for never letting them make you quit, never letting them keep you down, never letting them stop your spirit.

    You will always be my heroine, I will always be grateful for your example, for your courage, your service. No one else has run for president for everyone, putting us first, above your own personal ambitions, and called for affordable university and affordable and easily available trade schools, for each of us to reach as high as our innate talents allow, as far as our natural limits, not stopped by limits imposed on us.

    You tried your hardest, and so the loss is all of ours, but not yours.

    You humbly asked for the white rural vote, you respected their values, you care about their losses. You noticed the toll of drug addictions started by legal prescriptions for pain caused by hard work. You wanted to bring jobs to them, to invest in their dreams, their small businesses, with local trade schools, and loans to get them started. You want everyone to be able to live in dignity, free of squalor, and be free to have our own values.

    You lost because they don't feel respected, and they're angry about it.

    But you respect everyone. You didn't just offer retraining programs, and hey, they can move away from their ancestral homes to go to the jobs, you spoke the value of roots and homes your parents grew up in, and knowing your neighbors for generations. You offered money into those communities, fixing the infrastructures in rural communities and bringing educational opportunities to their children and grandchildren.

    You wanted to value their retired blue collar skills to staff mentoring/training programs, and their home-making and parenting skills to staff and train neighborhood early childhood education programs. You wanted to bring drug treatment to them, and have it affordable and available and best evidence.

    You were not part of the liberal elite that mocked them for their taste and their choices, who blamed them for the changes that they didn't cause and that didn't benefit them.

    But that is what beat you, the white rural underemployed has lost their dignity, are the butt of late night jokes, and they took it out on you, with the help of the so-called liberal press, and Bernie Sanders giving them an excuse to believe lies, and with the help of misogyny.

    I know you won't give up, please let me help you with your Democratic 50-State Service to the People Party.

  4. Thank you for your lifetime of service to this country. Last night was the saddest night in history. But Together we shall get through this and hopefully come out Stronger as a result of your dedication and example. Thank you.

  5. All I can say is thank you, Hillary, for representing my family's hopes and dreams for America in this election. We are so proud to have you and we will never forget the fight you fought. Love and peace to you and yours forever. Thank you

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  7. Thank you for your lifetime of service to this country.
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