Friday, November 4, 2016

Hillary News & Views 11.4.16: GOTV and More GOTV

Guest post by rugbymom

The all-out final push continued yesterday, with at least a dozen events for Hillary and her top surrogates. (There were dozens more with second-tier surrogates, so many it’s impossible to cover them all.) The locations are the familiar list of key states: FL, NC, OH, NV, WI, and expand-the-map AZ. We’ll do a quick drive-by, not a lot of detail because you know the messaging: Elect Hillary/Tim, elect down-ticket Democrats, vote early (and return those mail-in-ballots!), volunteer to GOTV. 
Chelsea Clinton began the day with a meet-and-greet at a coffee shop in Milwaukee, WI:
President Obama did two rallies in Miami and Jacksonville, FL:
 Full video:
Tim Kaine was in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ. In Phoenix he delivered the first-ever stump speech entirely in Spanish (video includes the simultaneous English interpretation overlaid):
The text (with translation) is available here, and selections were tweeted out on @Hillary_esp.
(“Donald Trump: Someone who thinks that communicating with the Latino community means tweeting a picture of a taco bowl”)
Anne Holton did an event in Toledo, OH, and then on to Reno, NV:
Some other friends also doing GOTV in Nevada, for the whole ticket:
Later in the evening, Bill Clinton joined up with superstar musician and DJ-producer Steve Aoki (a Bernie supporter during the primary) for a free Las Vegas concert and GOTV rally:
Bernie also started in OH, with rallies on college campuses in Youngstown and Cincinnati, before joining Hillary in NC:
Hillary did an early vote rally in Greenville, NC, and an evening rally at the Walnut Creek Music Pavilion in Raleigh, joined by Bernie and by performer Pharrell Williams:
 On the way there, she and Pharrell did a surprise stop at a historically black college:
Mission accomplished:
 John Lewis also led another “March to the Polls” in Charlotte, NC:
Is this variation on the traditional Sunday “souls to the polls” a new strategy, perhaps because the state cut back on Sunday voting hours, and/or because younger African-Americans (like their white counterparts) are less likely to attend church regularly? If so, it’s brilliant. President Obama will be back in NC today, with rallies in Fayetteville and Charlotte.
Last but definitely not least, yesterday and all week tens of thousands of volunteers made hundreds of thousands of telephone calls and door-to-door visits. (Someone of you noted in a comment thread getting a surprise GOTV phone call from a US expat living in London, UK.) Every bit helps, even if it’s just talking it up with people you know, wearing your swag out in public, baking cookies or making sandwiches for volunteers, or offering rides to early voting sites and to the regular polls on Tuesday. 
For inspiration, read this piece with the headline we thought we’d never see:
Her fans are drawn to her intelligence, her industriousness, and her grit.
From Chimamanda Adichie at The Atlantic:
We do not see, often enough, the people who love Hillary Clinton, who support her because of her qualifications rather than because of her unqualified opponent, who empathize with her. Yet millions of Americans, women and men, love her intelligence, her industriousness, her grit; they feel loyal to her, they will vote with enthusiasm for her.
. . . . There are millions who admire the tapestry of Hillary Clinton’s past: the first-ever student commencement speaker at Wellesley speaking boldly about making the impossible possible, the Yale law student interested in the rights of migrant farmworkers, the lawyer working with the Children’s Defense Fund, the first lady trying to make health care accessible for all Americans.
There are people who love how cleanly she slices through policy layers, how thoroughly she digests the small print. They remember that she won two terms to the United States Senate, where she was not only well-regarded but was known to get along with Republicans. They have confidence in her. There are people who rage at the media on her behalf, who see the coverage she too often receives as unfair. There are people who in a quiet, human way wish her well. There are people who, when Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman to be president of the United States, will weep from joy.
From Guy Cecil, Co-Chair & Chief Strategist for Priorities USA:

The body is tired but the soul is stirring. We're almost there.

@guycecil I'm getting really nervous and exhausted! Is there anything you can say that can calm me down about the election? Are internal polls better?
@georgefayner We're going to do this. Stay calm. Focus. Keep organizing. We're in this together.
This is my final service on Hillary News & Views; Lysis will do next Wednesday (as I recover from a looooong day working at the polls). I’m not disappearing entirely — you’ll see me in comment threads, and an occasional diary — but need to spend less time obsessing about the election and more on other writing projects. It’s been an honor and a delight getting to know all of you, and participating in this community effort to help elect Hillary as the next President. Forward Together!
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  1. Andrea Mitchell said something slightly fair, said they are both negative but she uses his own words (she didn't say he makes stuff up), and then she says they are both going ugly (but doesn't say that all the ugly words are Trump's). At least she didn't claim equality and then that fool Kristol says he wishes Hillary had a more positive message, ignoring her positive message, and doesn't have the same wish for Trump (who only has a negative message).
    And this is MSNBC....

    When Hillary wins, she'll have won for us with an entire culture of misogyny against us, shown even by women in media that we live in a man's world and the women in the media know who signs their checks, they submit to power without knowing it. de Sassaure calls it 'voluntary servitude.'

    Hillary volunteers to serve the people, not the patriarchy, whether or not she knows it.

    Very cool Hillary R. Clinton! You are a very cool square Methodist do-gooder HRC.

    1. yeah scan, as the beatles say, yeah yeah yeah

    2. My favorite group! One of their best songs!