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Hillary News & Views 11.2.16: Señora Presidenta! FL, WI, NC, Women

Hillary campaigning with Alicia Machado, Dade City, FL, Nov. 1, 2016

Guest post by rugbymom

The focus of the big-name campaign events continues to be states that are important in the Presidential race — and crucial to control of the Senate.  The consistent themes are the usual stump speeches, plus early voting (including reminders to return those outstanding mail-in ballots) and turning supporters into more enthusiastic GOTV volunteers. Yesterday was “National Early Voting Day,” another campaign invention:
Hillary and Bill were both back in Florida. In Dade City, Hillary was joined by Senate candidate Patrick Murphy.
Hillary was then introduced by Miss Universe Alicia Machado (who spoke bilingually):
It's really clear that he does not respect women. He just judges us on our looks. . . .He thinks he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. Well, now I'm standing here on behalf of women and Latinos across the country — together we are going to say loudly and clearly: no trump. He's not getting away with it. . . .
Let’s work our hearts out so we can finally say 'Madam President’ — ‘Señora Presidenta!’
Hillary followed, continuing the theme of Trump’s repeated mistreatment of women and girls. (A new ad highlighting his misogyny — using footage of his own words — is reportedly airing in all the key in-play states: AZ, FL, NV, IA, NC, OH and PA.) Here’s full video of both speeches:
Hillary and Patrick Murphy then went on to an evening rally in Ft. Lauderdale:
Meanwhile, Bill Clinton spoke in Florida City, Immokalee, and St. Petersburg.
Earlier in the day, John Lewis and Patrick Murphy led an early-voting “March to the Polls” at historically black Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona Beach:
 Joe Biden will be in Florida today for rallies in Tampa and Palm Beach.
Tim Kaine spent yesterday in Wisconsin, a state that doesn’t seem to be in doubt on the Presidential level, but does have early voting — and a key Senate race. Tim (with Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Sen. candidate Russ Feingold) spoke in Appleton and UW-Madison, both college communities.

Joe Biden campaigned for Clinton (and Sen. candidate Deborah Ross) in NC:
Bernie! spoke in the college towns of Plymouth and Hanover, NH, and in Portland, ME. From
During his speech, Sanders spoke about the importance of the election and ensuring that a progressive is in the White House. He spoke about a number of Hillary Clinton’s platform points, including her plan to make college more affordable, a plan he and Clinton worked together on. Sanders said that electing Clinton is half the battle as she will need support in Congress. He encouraged voters to also support U.S. Senate candidate Maggie Hassan.
Sanders concluded each event by urging everyone to vote on election day and to not get discouraged by the current political climate. “I understand that a lot of people are discouraged by this campaign, and some people are going to sit it out. Don’t you be one of them! The stakes are much too high. This is not a personality contest. You are not voting for the senior class president at the local high school. You are voting for the most important public official in the world. The differences between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump are day and night.”
Today, Hillary will be in Tempe, AZ and Las Vegas, NV; POTUS is at UNC-Chapel Hill, NC; Chelsea in Eau Claire and Oshkosh, WI; and Bernie in Milwaukee.
I’m seeing more images of women wearing white to honor the suffragist foremothers:
Finally, I’d like to call out yesterday’s diary “The best moment of my day just got way better,” recounting a bedtime conversation between a young girl and her mother who just got home from her evening job:
"We watched TV with Daddy tonight. . . . they were giving someone the nomination to be president. . . .It's a girl, Momma.  Did you know a girl could be president?"  
Go read the whole thing.

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