Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton: The People's Champion

24 hours later, it's still hard to know what to say.

Despite running an incredible, historic and amazingly progressive campaign, which included the greatest political convention of our generation, decisive wins in all three debates, and a national popular vote victory...Hillary Clinton came up just short in enough states to lose the electoral college to Donald Trump.

She did everything she possibly could, but the forces of darkness somehow managed to narrowly keep her out of the Oval Office at the last moment. I have no doubt that Hillary and her family will be fine, but our country is going to have to reckon with this tragic decision for years and possibly decades to come.

However, she'll always be the people's choice and the people's champion. No matter what the Trump presidency brings, he'll always be the second choice of the American people and there's nothing he can ever do about it. Hillary won the most votes in 2016, and if this was a true democracy we'd be celebrating her as the president-elect at this moment.

But, alas, life is not fair. So now we must mourn, regroup, live our lives, love one another and fight the next battles when we're ready. I have no doubt that Hillary will soon be leading that charge with her fight song, and we need to have her back. Now and always.

If you haven't read the final installment of Hillary News & Views by my friend and blog partner Lysis, please check it out now. He speaks beautifully for me in this incredibly sad moment.

What does all this mean for Hillary HQ? Well, the site isn't going away anytime soon. I'm leaving it right here as a historical record of this incredible journey. However, this will be the final post for the foreseeable future. I'm not walking away from writing or progressive activism, and I'm definitely not walking away from Hillary, but it's personally and financially important for me to move on with a fresh start at this moment. But Hillary HQ will remain active on Twitter and Facebook indefinitely so please keep following us there for the latest news and opinion about Hillary and the causes she fights for.

Also, keep an eye on my profile page at Daily Kos as there's no telling when I'll write something there again (likely closer to the 2018 midterms).

To all of Hillary HQ's readers, followers, sharers and commenters...thank you. I couldn't have done this without you.

Lastly, I want to particularly thank everyone who supported this site over the last six months via GoFundMe and PayPal. You are the reason I was able to leave my longtime day job to live my dream of running this site full-time. It also allowed me to travel to Philadelphia to attend the Democratic National Convention...truly the chance of a lifetime. As I figure out a transition back to regular employment and income, any final donations would be greatly helpful if you have appreciated this site over the past 22 months (see buttons on the right).

I leave you with the beautiful concession speeches by Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton.


  1. Thank you, you're welcome, and best of luck!

  2. There is dignity in her loss - she stayed honest, she didn’t veer to the center like they said she would, run from Obama to get more white votes, or run out of steam, or get depressing, she had to actually lose on election night, she didn't give up or make any fatal errors to use as excuses. She showed what a human may be, in the face of dishonest and unfair relentless attacks. She made them beat her, she didn't beat herself.

    And how low they had to stoop.

    The fatal one was from Comey, she was ahead before then, it was Comey that changed that changed the direction, who gave Donald a chance to regroup and then accuse her of his own sins. And Ryan, they gave the republicans 'cover' to vote for an unqualified sexual predator, over a qualified feminist.

    Those who voted for him will be hurt the most, Trump has no loyalty, he is who he is when he is.

    Comey wants to be on the Supreme Court, that’s why he’s done what he’s done, and that one is Obama’s fault, Obama should never have tried to placate the other side by appointing someone they wanted.

    And Obama ought not to have appointed Lynch either, she’s great but she’s far too worried about her own reputation for being non-politial. Eric Holder would not have permitted Comey's mischief, Holder thought it was enough to be fair, he didn't need to prove it to the 'other side' by giving them weapons and then letting them use them.

    Her own husband Bill hurt her too, with his comment about health care, and now we’re going to lose ACA.

    Bernie decided to make use of right wing lies to try to get the nomination for himself, and he gave the so-called left cover for their own ignorance and misogyny. Still want the speech transcripts, Bernie? Bernie, who also didn't release his tax returns, giving Trump cover for that too.

    Hillary was beaten by men, who were helped by women who don’t know who they are.

    But she stood tall, through it all, and kept her eyes on what matters to her, us. And then she apologized for letting us down. But she didn't let us down. This loss has more win in it than she yet sees. She has changed the narrative to truth.

    She will be followed, others will stand on Hillary's shoulders. And the guilty will live to feel their shame.

  3. Well, Hillary didn't forget them, she went to the rust belt, and she was the first to speak about the higher mortality rate and the addiction problems. She didn't just speak about affordable college, she added trade schools and mentorship programs, and child care credits for working parents who don't earn enough to get an advantage from the current law. She asked for an expansion of social security benefits that would have helped mainly rural white Americans, women who had worked in low-paid women only fields, and men who wore out their bodies before they hit retirement age, or lost their skilled jobs from outsourcing and had to take lower paid jobs. Hillary wanted them to not be penalized on their social security for what was done to them by greedy corporate Americans. She said over and over, they had worked to make the country prosperous and we owned them a dignified retirement.

    So, it wasn't Hillary, she didn't disrespect them, she never did. Deplorable was a mistake because it was used to claim she looked down on rural Americans, when she was specifically referring to the Klan, those violent fellows who attended Trump rallies to menace fellow citizen. She clearly did not look down on rural white Americans, she clearly spoke with respect about hunters who put food on their family’s tables, she clearly spoke with respect about the rights of upstanding citizens to own firearms, but no rights for criminals, sexual predators, and those on the terrorist watch list.

    She spoke about bringing jobs to them, through the expanded infrastructure program and through business tax credits that would make locating nearby unemployed or underemployed workers attractive. She spoke about investing in ordinary Americans, though subsidized small business loans supported by free mentorship programs and free high tech tools/equipment libraries/public workshops.

    She is the one that didn't forget, and she didn't insult anyone by lying, she didn't pretend she could bring back coal miner jobs or big factories that have already moved, she only put forth the plan that Donald copied, business would pay a price if they used tax advantages and educated workers to make their fortunes, and then invested their profits outside the nation they’d profited from.

    1. part 2:

      Fact is, those workers knew she had plans to help them, but because she's a girl, it wasn't elevating. It felt castrating to them, that a girl saw their problems and offered her help. She went to Flint; she kept clean water and fixing Flint’s pipes on her top priority list. But seems her caring about blue-collar white guys felt diminishing to the good people of Michigan, they felt insulted by her caring, she had NO RIGHT, and Donald beat her up, and that's what made them feel great. Make Americans feel GREAT by bashing women who compete for power jobs with REAL MEN (to think, she had the nerve to suppose they’d accept help from A GIRL.)

      But she didn’t lose by much. If Comey hadn't used the FBI to 'investigate' her for more than a year and then go on TV to call her names, and then bring it back after voting had started, and then announce nothing new when the FBI had announced there would not be time before the election, and so give Donald another chance to say it's rigged, a phrase Bernie tested for him, she would have won, they needed that kind of cover to vote for that kind of hate.

      Also, if the press hadn’t expressed their non-stop CONCERN about the emails, and if they’d instead covered her policies. If Bernie hadn’t chosen to run for the Democratic nomination by calling her dishonest and unqualified, and by letting his supporters throw dollar bills at her, and by letting his supporters boo her?

      Rural white America may still go to church (Hillary will, but she has nothing to atone for, she has an E-ticket to heaven) but they lost the moral high ground, they voted for an unqualified sexual predator over a highly qualified woman. So-called liberal misogynists may still feel their superiority over the rural Trump voters, but they are as guilty, and to my mind as tasteless.

      Heck of a job, rural-white/garden-variety-misogynist Americans, with citizens like you, who needs terrorists.

    2. And on Morning Joe, Friday, Michael Moore was back to being "a rural white." He defended the vote for Donald as a reaction to being forgotten. And (as noted above) Hillary hadn't forgotten them.

      When a black man on that show said there was racism involved, that those voters cited their belief that they had lost benefits, that their benefits had been transferred to people of color, whom they saw as lazy and undeserving, Michael cut him off and yelled at him. Said because they'd voted for Obama they were not racists. It was really weird.

      When the guy said he'd been to those areas and that none of the people he met expressed any curiousness about inner city black kids, or poor urban working moms, Michael cut him off again, said why should they be interested in sophisticated urban people.

      Made me remember when TV was young, and Sid Cesar was cancelled in favor of Lawrence Welk. Michael was extolling pride in the baseball cap, and love for reality television, claiming we educated types didn't respect those rural's because we didn't wear their hats or watch their favorite shows. (Too busy reading books, probably, omg not books!)

      Earth to Michael Moore - we spoke about hats being the biggest expense to his donors because we suspected he'd bought them during the primary and was selling them to his presidential committee and making a tidy profit. Just like he rented space from himself and charged a lot more when he could pay with donations.

      Racism was involved, not just sexism. The idea that anyone could vote for a man who promised to deport the parents of school age children, could round up the dreamers and 'get 'em out of here' is racist, by definition, sorry Michael Moore, you defending that vote makes you racist too.

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  5. Part 1: I just wrote this to the DNC:

    I want Howard Dean to be the chair.

    I don’t like the talk about the party having taken the wrong direction, our party is the best it’s been, with Obama and Hillary, and under past and current leadership. I don't like hearing Bernie say that the people didn't trust Hillary to carry out her progressive agenda, he planted that idea and he raised money smearing her. He let his supporters boo her, and throw dollar bills at her. I am a woman, he offended me. We need someone who wasn't with Bernie, and someone who is professional, we don't need to hire someone unqualified and hasn't the time. That would be a sing of disrespect to the 60+M who voted for the first female presidential candidate.

    I think the party needs to ask those of us who pay dues if we want the party to continue to grow the way it has. I can’t think of a more progressive candidate than Hillary. Her campaign was run with integrity and it modeled what we should always do. We should always run the most qualified candidates who are clear about their positions, and who run to win because they are winning for us. She did go to the rust belt and she did have detailed policies that specifically addressed those under-employed left out workers, that included expanding trade schools and mentorship programs, universal pre-school, expanding child tax credits to the under-employed, she was the first to speak about the opioid epidemic that is mainly striking white working class communities. I find no fault in the way she ran for president, no one could have been more tolerant or have worked harder.

    I was upset with Gore, even though he did win the popular vote, because he picked that creep Lieberman and he ran away from Bill, just because he felt he was better than Bill. I was upset with Kerry, who didn’t give Hillary a speaking spot at the convention, but gave one to his wife, who gave the “I love myself” long speech, and she was introduced by her son who gave the “I love myself and my mom” speech. It was unseemly. I donated $500 to that campaign and he didn’t spend everything.

  6. part 2:

    In contrast when Hillary ran in ‘08 she didn’t quit even when she was in debt. And then she put us first and actually campaigned for Obama. She never ran negatively against Obama, in contrast to that jerk Bernie, who used right-wing smears to tarnish her, calling for her papers, a la Trump to Obama, and refusing to release his own tax returns, setting that example. And when he campaigned for her he was really bragging about himself, pretending he had moved her to the left. That was not a ringing endorsement, it was saying she needed to be pushed. I think he’s glad she lost, he thinks that means he was right and the party should have selected him. It's why he refused to give her his mailing list, and refused to admit to his supporters that he'd run her down so that he could win the nomination, not because she deserved it.

    Here is my idea:

    That the Party have Leadership schools, one in each state and one for DC and one for Puerto Rico. A two-year certificate in Democratic Party politics, tuition free but not that easy to get into. A core curriculum that is partly on-line, but that has teachers and brings in in-person guest lecturers. Their theses have to be taking a county or a region in their state and doing a needs study, a ‘listening’ tour as it were, that creates a document. Everything filmed and archived.

    That way we get to know real facts about each area, what is needed from government, and in which ways government lets people down, that is built on, as new students come in. It’s also writing a history.

    I think James Carville, Harry Reid, and Donna Brazile and Howard Dean ought to be in charge of the planning. Retired political science professors, and out of office Democrats could be in charge of designing the curriculum.

    It would not have to cost that much. There is no need for a large campus, each class of students in each state would be fairly small, so it could use the State Democratic Party Headquarters conference rooms, and students would come in for real person contact only perhaps one or two weekends per month. (It should be possible for people to take the program and also have a job.)

    The point is to for the party to provide community services, to serve the people whether or not we’re in office. So it’s determining what is needed, and then figuring out how to provide it, testing what works, toward evidence based policy. The schools develop a core knowledge base, and the students provide local research that adds to that base.

    It should be a difficult program, one that the students would feel proud of completing. And it’s not for just kids, it’s for any age.

    This is what I think we should be doing, while we are out of power. Our elected representatives will do their best to curb the damage, but they’d probably feel better if they were teaching what they’re experiencing to the future party leaders. They’d feel less helpless.

  7. I wil be very upset with congress if they dump Nancy Pelosi, she is highly competent, and has shown it, and she has the experience. She doesn't need to attract rural voters, that's the DNC job. They've been shamed by elitist doctors and professors and investment advisors, not by Nancy. She hasn't pushed them away.

    Hillary talked about growing the economy in the rust belt and in rural America, they didn't vote for her because she didn't have plans and didn't go there to tell them (she did) but by late night hosts who mock them and by the so-called liberal left who disrespect their taste, as if their own taste was obviously superior.

  8. except for the disasters unfolding and yet to be foreseen, it's getting funny. Trump can't hire anyone more competent than he is, and he has to hire 4,000 and fast. Putin says they were speaking daily throughout the election, and after they got off the phone Putin made it seem like Trump had given him a green light to get even more vicious in Allepo.

    Trump's first planned-out act was revenge, he pretended to Christie that he could be the VP if Christie came out for him, and Christie was the first so-called establishment Republican to make that leap. Which I guess protected him from being named as an un-indicted co-conspirator, but after Brigit testified, that hardly protects him. Then Trump gets Christie to think he can do the staffing, but the real reason was so he could find out who was loyal to Christie and red-line them. No one qualified wants to work in his incompetent administration, because as soon as they do something competent, it'll show Trump up, and they'll get fired.

    this is the man who convinced white people that he knew how to run things? He said he had lots of people to hire, the best people, people we've never heard of, but they aren't showing up or they never existed. Carson refuses to head an agency, he thought he could be president of everything, but only one agency is way too hard, he'd rather advice Trump on supreme court nominees.

    i think he'll pull the rabbit out of the hat and order up a lot of cut-out figures of good-looking business-type women and uglier than he is men in suits, and scatter then around, as if they were real people, and hope his voters stay stupid. That's how he got his casino funded, pretending he was actually building it but really just props.

    Instead of a highly competent, experienced, and prepared for the job female, the brilliant patriotic white people of the rust belt and beyond voted in a florid out-of-shape clown?

    They sure showed the competent people who actually put America first, just what they think of competence and love of country. Hah, they say, if we love third world so well, they'll bring it to us.

    Heck of a job, majority of white people, you really voted for change.

  9. there is an op ed in the NYT by NAOMI KLEIN, famous bernie supporter who pushed Bernie's idea that HIllary isn't trustworthy. In this one she says only Hillary lost, not women. How self-serving is that? Naomi worked to defeat Hillary in favor of Bernie, who made the claim Hillary isn't qualified and the only reason we wanted her was her gender, and now we have Donald, and she isn't even American. She doesn't want to blame herself, so she has to blame Hillary. (how old is that?)

    that's the problem in our party right now, the self-servers are coming out and demanding to be rewarded for their part in Donald's win. Bernie owns a big piece of that pie, before Bernie it was only right-wingers who smeared her with the smoke that was never from fire. He gave cover to the misogynists to pretend it was 'this woman, not women.

    Earth to Bernie-supporters - Bernie didn't release his tax returns for same reason Donald has, he had something to hide. Bernie hired his wife and his step-daugther and they were paid with public money. Bernie had war protestors who were occupying his office in Vermont arrested, when he was in DC, because he didn't want to listen to them over the telephone. So they went to the pokey. Bernie let his supports throw dollar bills and Hillary after he let one of his speakers refer to her as a 'corporate whore.' He let his supporter boo her and he was nastiest when he'd already lost, at the Michigan debate. Bernie is a snake.

    Our party must stay rational and evidence based, we must continue to tell the truth, not make false promises. The lesson from this election is that white people wanted to vote for racist but they needed to be convinced Hillary was under indictment so they live with themselves.

    Naomi has no problem living with herself, she's that kind of gal.

  10. there are still 'heads' misunderstanding Trump.

    It is important to remember he was a prodigy of Roy Cohn. Chosen by Roy Cohn, and learned at his knee, as it were, but the important part is Cohn recognized himself in Donald.

    Christie was planned revenge, Christie not only prosecuted his son-in-law’s father, Christie also made public the fact there was a sex tape staring his daughter’s father-in-law, and made sure the fellow did prison time. This was Roy Cohn-style revenge, first he promised Christie VP to get his endorsement, and then switched, and then 'gave' him white house transition so he could fire Christie and everyone Christie already picked, as Christie loyalists, it was a Roy Cohn purge.

    Trump is like that, he holds long grudges and he plans out his revenges. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets rid of ACA just because Obama mocked him at the white house correspondence dinner while the bin Laden raid was going on.

    One thing to watch is how Putin treats him and whether the press covers it. He spoke with Putin after he was elected, and then Putin said they'd been speaking daily for the duration of Trump's campaign, and Putin also escalated his bombing of Syrian civilians, making it look like Trump gave him a green light.

    Putin sees Donald as a clown too, and he’s like Donald in that he has to ‘bitch’ everyone, make them kneel, he's daring Trump to 'notice' he's being bitched, if Trump notices it's an admission he's a fool, if he doesn't the level of bitching escalates.

    Donald was sending Christie out to fetch hamburgers, before he told him he wasn’t VP after all.

    If he is considering Mitt to be SOS I will be more than surprised, he said Mitt was ready to go down on his knees to get Donald's endorsement in 2012, is it possible he won't want to see Mitt on his knees before he 'decides' it won't be Mitt?

  11. tim ryan wants to unseat Nancy, the hardest working and most effective house leader Democrats have had since Tip O'Neil. he waited until April to endorse Hillary, and he says we went wrong by not having an economic message (we had a great one, it's still great, but then he said he endorsed her for her "backing in his district, as well as her experience and economic platform." Then there was an economic platform but now he sees a chance to jump ship and claim we need to change and to put himself forth, as the one. OMG

  12. The race is not over. Please review and sign the change dot org petition.

    1. thank you, it is certainly worth trying. His bait and switch goes on, but his avid supporters remain blind and instead blame anyone else. Sadly ridding ourselves of him will give us Pence, who is less criminal but no more honest or upright. That's probably why Trump picked him.

  13. fake new alert, sessions didn't prosecute and get the death penalty for Hayes, he didn't sue to desegregate schools and he didn't get a 7M judgement against the Klan, the Weekly Standard made it up:

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