Friday, November 4, 2016

Georgia Surprise?

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) with Hillary Clinton
Don't look now, but three brand-new polls have Georgia within reach for Hillary!

And: Clinton is also down by just 2 as of now according to SurveyMonkey.

So close! In order to edge out Trump here, it's all about turnout...and there's good news so far:
Today is the final day of early voting in Georgia. So make a plan to vote if you haven't yet, remind your friends and family to do the same, and bank those votes for the blue team from top to bottom. Then let's have a late night Georgia surprise on November 8th!


  1. The scariest part of this election is all the LIES! This is no lie that Trump and several FBI Agents are owned by Alt-right The Breitbart Publishing. Trumps campaigan is run and financed by these men from The Breitbart. Trumps largest campaigan donor is the owner of Breitbart. Follow the money. They are as bad as the Mafia, Hitler and the KKK. Scary stuff. If they get in control of this country you can bet we won't recognise it within two years or sooner. These wealthy men are mean spirited and nasty. They're writing lots of false propaganda and have written a book about the Clintons called Clinton Cash. All these releases about Hillary that are suddenly appearing are from this book. This book is what the FBI are basing their investigation of Hillary on. It's all FALSE PROPAGANDA! These people will stop at nothing to win. BELIEVE ME!!!

    1. yeah, it's a last chance to throw it to the racist fool, so it's lie city. Can you imagine where we would be if Hillary hadn't started to tell the truth about Trump? No one else was, she was first and then she didn't get killed and the other followed, they've been afraid of a fool. The FBI is white men who don't want to listen to their moms or their wives and didn't like having an African American president for 4 years and damn sure don't want no girl for the next 8 years, stupid guys. Men (Scan and a few others notable exceptions, James Carville, Obama...) think of their own egos first, see things in terms of their personal comfort level based on knowing they are the greatest, and not the country, and never women and kids first, don't be on the Titanic with them, that's all I have to say.

      now they're saying both sides are negative, but the negative comes from one side, Trump says negative and Hillary reminds people of the negative things Trumps says.

      And we find out lots of our neighbors would let us drown, love to see us deported, think some of us deserve to be sexually assaulted. And she got diss'd for saying it's deplorable?

      this is America, I love my county, but people are people and things will get better at the FBI only when they hire women and people of color.

  2. 28% of Florida Republicans voted for Hillary (early voters) and I expect no less from Georgia, Georgia also has married white women who are registered Republicans, and not all Georgia white Republican men are racist misogynists, some are rational business types who aren't willing to sink the economy and doom the planet just to not have a girl president.