Friday, November 4, 2016

"Can We Stay?"


  1. their excuse isn't being challenged, 'she brought it on herself,' by using a private server, that wasn't secret at State and was not against the law, it's as old as the hills.

    If a girl is raped in certain places, she may be stoned to death, because the bad girl tempted a good man. She's at fault, always.

    and here too if this man is elected, one vote is too many for him. He is indecent, not just totally unqualified and doesn't know it.

    there isn't a place for any of us if Trump wins, cops and the FBI and men will get away with whatever suits them. It's that bad. And Ryan says he voted for him, and the 'best ad' by Trump is all lies, brought to us via FBI director Comey, girls pay the taxes that his salary, but Trump doesn't.

    women will march and I will march with them, women against sexual violence, and they want a sexual predator to by MY president? OMG

    1. she made the FBI guys lie, it isn't their fault, if only she hadn't brought it on herself they wouldn't have been forced to lie.