Thursday, October 6, 2016

VIDEO: Tim Kaine's Post-Debate Rally in Philadelphia (10/5/16)

CBS Philly:
One night after the vice-presidential debate, Democrat Tim Kaine told supporters in South Philadelphia that even his wife thought he’d interrupted too much.

He also allowed that he’d been “feisty,” explaining, “I am Irish.”

But the rally at the Sheetmetal Workers hall saw the return of the folksy, devout, slightly self-deprecating image Kaine has projected since Hillary Clinton chose him as a running mate in July, as– freed from sharing a stage with his opponent– he returned to the points he’d tried to make on immigration, abortion, economic policy and criminal justice.

“Even in the back and forth, we exposed the differences in the tickets,” he said.

And he was by no means apologetic about his performance.

“Mike Pence, who’s a pretty good debater, he came in wanting to lay some gloves on Hillary Clinton and he didn’t get to do anything,” Kaine said. “I’ve never played hockey but I think I’d be a pretty good goalie based on last night. Nothing was going in the net last night.”
Tim's right: He did exactly what he needed to do in that debate. And judging by the energy of that crowd, it sounds like they agree!

Watch the full rally above.

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