Friday, October 7, 2016

VIDEO: Tim Kaine Rally in Pittsburgh, PA (10/6/16)

(photo courtesy HFA)
Look at this guy! Coolest dad ever!

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‎:
Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine’s visit to Carnegie Mellon University Thursday began with a self-effacing joke.

“My grades wouldn’t have got me here,” he said. “I had to [run for] vice president of the United States before I could come to Carnegie Mellon.”

But by and large, his 45-minute speech picked up where his feisty performance on Tuesday night’s vice-presidential debate left off: criticizing Republican nominee Donald Trump for statements like his assertion that taking advantage of tax breaks “makes me smart.”

"I guess what he's saying about us is we're suckers,” Mr. Kaine said outside CMU’s Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall.

Mr. Kaine’s debate performance against Indiana Gov. Mike Pence got mixed reviews. But he made no apologies Thursday. Repeatedly, he said, he brought up Mr. Trump’s track record and said, “‘I can’t believe that Gov. Pence will defend this.’ … [A]gain and again, when Gov. Pence had that choice, you could kind of see the wheels turning: ‘Do I defend it? I don’t think I can defend it. Let me change the subject.’”

The visit coincided with a tide of positive polls for his running mate, Hillary Clinton. In the wake of her own debate with Mr. Trump last week, a Monmouth University poll showed Ms. Clinton up 10 points among voters in Pennsylvania. A Franklin & Marshall College poll showed her leading by 9.
The very first part of the speech seems to be cut off, but the vast majority of it is here:

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  1. meanwhile, trumps grabs the attention by flipping his brisket.

    he's claiming that the "the people operating the soundboard had been “oscillating” as he spoke, changing the levels of his voice."

    now that is not just neurotic projection paranoid, it's ideas of reference paranoid, and gives credence to what maybe Dr. Dean ought not to have speculated on, the sniffing sound that is what cocaine people sniff like, not long after the 'snorting,' because these ideas may be chemical related psychosis. Usually it's cops are following you, or those sounds are people talking smack about you.

    He claims he's never had a drink, and that may be true, because his brother had that disease, but alcohol and cocaine, counter-intuitively, share the same receptor, susceptibly speaking as well as..... And so he maybe thought he could try cocaine and not risk dependency, and if so he'd be wrong on the science, but the science is new. There are people who used cocaine recreationally for 20+ years before they escalated to dependency. Usually very rich people, who have sexual performance 'issues.' The 'real' viagra is cocaine, or so they say. But it's dangerous, things can start to go wrong.

    And not sleeping and tweeting in the wee hours, and sniffing, and now ideas of reference - all symptoms of cocaine dependence. The first three of cocaine abuse, but that last one comes from dependence only, it takes steady use over time to get cocaine paranoia. And the idea that the men were 'oscillating' to throw him off his game is bona fide paranoia/ideas of reference. And not really psychotic, because he doesn't tell us the theory of why 'whoever they may be' want to mess with his game, and all the evidence that points to that one irrefutable conclusion, it's just one (so far), a bee in his bonnet that has nowhere to go but build a 'theory' that makes him the center of the desire of all those 'oscillators.'

    Of course you can't say, i mean I may speculate, I am a nobody, but no one public may, Dean may have been right but he was wrong to muse on it, it's unheard of to demand that presidential candidates be drug tested and if they test positive go through rehab if they want to keep running for president.

    And it's possible he's just nutty without drugs, unlikely, but possible. Staying up to wee hours of the night, trying to think up new ways to 'take over the world.'

    Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Pinky? (the brain)