Sunday, October 9, 2016

VIDEO: Tim Kaine in Henderson, NV (10/7/16)

Las Vegas Review-Journal:
A crowd of about 130 people saw Kaine speak Friday morning at Sun City MacDonald Ranch in Henderson, Kaine’s second campaign stop in the Las Vegas Valley in the past two days. Kaine appeared at a much larger rally at the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Training Center in Las Vegas Thursday night.

The visit to Nevada is Kaine’s third since he joined the Democratic ticket in July. Kaine returned because “Nevada is important,” and he emphasized voter registration at both campaign stops.

Kaine again on Friday drew on his performance Tuesday night in the only vice presidential debate of this campaign, where he squared off against Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

One of Kaine’s goals was to “lay Donald Trump’s words down in front of Mike Pence and say ‘I can’t believe you can defend this,’” he said.

Kaine is “proud to get up every morning” to support and promote Hillary Clinton, “something Gov. Pence is less comfortable doing” with Trump, he said.

Congressional candidate Jacky Rosen, who introduced Kaine, called Trump “hateful, horrible, misogynistic,” and said Clinton and Kaine are “on the right side” of issues like gun safety, “a woman’s right to choose” and climate change.

Pence tried to “duck and run” Tuesday night from things Trump has said previously, Rosen said.

“I don’t want a Tweeter in chief, I want a commander-in-chief,” she said of Trump.
Watch the full speech above (which was delivered right before the "Trump hot mic" bombshell).

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