Tuesday, October 18, 2016

VIDEO: Tim Kaine Delivers Anti-Poverty Speech in Detroit

Detroit Free Press:
Fighting poverty is one of the defining moral issues of the 2016 elections, Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine told a group of about 200 people in Detroit on Tuesday.

This election is more than just difference between candidates although those differences are so stark. This is an election that’s a test of our values,” Kaine said during a nearly hour-long speech at Focus Hope. “In a lot of communities, poverty is hiding in plain sight. Wherever it is, we’ve got to challenge ourselves to tackle it.”

He outlined the campaign’s three-pillar attack on poverty, including:
  • Raising incomes for families, which entails raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, investing in poverty-stricken communities with things like infrastructure improvement projects and increasing tax credits for child care.
  • Making sure communities and homes are safe by fighting things like housing discrimination and predatory lending, ensuring the water and air in places like Flint are safe to consume and enacting common sense gun control measures like universal background checks.
  • And improving education by expanding early childhood development and Head Start programs.

“Fighting poverty is a growth strategy. It’s a competitive strategy, but it’s also a moral responsibility and it’s going to be a defining mission of a Clinton Kaine administration,” he said. “Here in this country, there are still people on the side of the road and they’re asking for help … The question before us on this election, do we just walk on by or do we go over and try and help.
“We’re not a nation of people who just walk on by. Hillary Clinton and I, we don’t walk on by. We reach out, we help, because we know, that we’re all neighbors,” Kaine said.
This speech is yet another reason to feel very good about what the future holds in a Clinton/Kaine administration. It's also a perfect antidote to the gloom and doom offered up on the other side.

Watch the next vice president's speech above.

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