Friday, October 14, 2016

VIDEO: President Obama Campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Cleveland

New York Times:
President Obama on Friday implored voters here to “reject a dark and pessimistic vision” offered by Donald J. Trump and urged a robust turnout on behalf of Hillary Clinton in a state where the presidential candidates are locked in a razor-thin contest.

Following by a day Michelle Obama’s deeply personal denunciation of Mr. Trump, the president also assailed the Republican nominee as a morally compromised and intellectually inferior person who fakes his concern for the working class in America.

“The guy spent 70 years on this earth showing no regard for working people,” Mr. Obama said, describing Mr. Trump as a wealthy opportunist who is pretending to be something he has never been. “And then suddenly, he’s going to be the champion of working people? Come on. Come on, man.”

Mr. Obama cited a litany of statements from Mr. Trump as evidence that the Republican nominee is unfit to be president, and said people do not have to be “a husband or a father” to know that Mr. Trump’s comments about women were unacceptable.

“You just have to be a decent human being,” Mr. Obama told a crowd of Democrats at a rally on the banks of Lake Erie, with Cleveland skyscrapers as a backdrop.
Fired up! Ready to go! Watch the full speech above.

Greensboro NC, 10/11 (photo courtesy HFA)

1 comment:

  1. Obama is the opposite of duh Donald, in every single way.

    The new stories may ruin Donald's marriage.

    One of the women gave two telling details, that he called the TV the 'telly telly' and his kids have heard that, and his wives would recognize that phrase as an attempt at 'placating baby talk,' ie: 'common on baby baby, let's watch the telly telly and whittle Don Don will give your expensive wou wou a massage.'

    He also repeated her words back at her, but with a mocking baby voice tone, which is very 5th grade (and younger) so has to also be something that's signature Donald, that childish mocking. That's the kind of detail his family will recognize and know the woman is telling the truth. That'll cause a few winces, at least five.

    And it may make Melania leave him, now that she can keep custody of the Baron, for morals reasons. She'd get a pro bono divorce custody lawyer in a blink.

    and we find his defense, the women weren't attractive enough for him to have mauled, which is also signature Donald, that's how he thought to humiliate Hillary.

    He used those sad women because he thought they were awful looking, if they heard a tape of him talking about them before he greeted them, they'd not be so proud of the Donald Attention, so wiling to say that in contrast to Bill, Duh's 'locker room talk' was dandy as heck.

    He said it about Hillary too, she's the last person he'd stalk, she's not pretty enough for him to stalk and maul? Does he even listen to himself?

    seriously, is he for real?

    He's got to be be secretly working for our side, no one could run such a losing campaign by accident. He's making sure Hillary will get a landslide, outing and denuding the sexist smears, openly campaigning against the down-ticket Republicans, and showing he could shoot someone in Times Square and Paul Ryan won't even chew him out, because his supporters would be fine with it.

    Really, walking in on undressed 15-year olds is very bad, the dirty old creep.

    And a lot of white guys are enthusiastically cheering him on, they think it's should still be open season on powerless girls, hey it's just a powerful manly thing, if rich guys can't grab anyone's vagina, what's the point of working? Isn't it a perk of white male power? Isn't he running to make America great again for old rich perverts.

    Do you suppose he'll have to get out of Dodge, escape to Russia to escape justice, and he'll end up fetching hamburgers for Putin, standing behind Putin when Putin announces 'next atrocities?'

    How will it end?