Wednesday, October 5, 2016

VIDEO: Michelle Obama in Charlotte, NC (10/4/16)

Charlotte Observer:
First lady Michelle Obama rallied an enthusiastic Charlotte audience for Democrat Hillary Clinton Tuesday – and even appealed to those less enthusiastic.

“When I hear folks saying they’re just not really feeling inspired this election, I really have to disagree,” Obama said. “Because right now we have an opportunity to elect one of the most qualified people who has ever endeavored to become president.…

“Remember, it’s not about voting for the perfect candidate – there is no such thing. Candidates happen to be human. And this election is about making a choice between two very different candidates.”

Obama spoke to 1,800 people at the Charlotte Convention Center, then headed to Raleigh for another rally.

Her visit came as Clinton’s campaign ramped up efforts to turn out the vote in North Carolina, especially among African-Americans.

Describing Trump as unfit for the job, Michelle Obama took a shot at the man who long questioned her husband’s place of birth.

“People asked whether Barack was born in this country,” she said. “These questions were hurtful and deceitful, designed to undermine his presidency. They can’t be blamed on others and swept under rug with an insincere sentence at a press conference.”

She criticized Trump’s penchant for early-morning tweets.

“A president just can’t pop off or lash out irrationally,” she said. “We can all agree someone who is roaming around tweeting at 3 a.m. shouldn’t have fingers on nuclear codes.”

Obama said the long presidential campaign doesn’t “change who you are, it reveals who you are.” She listed some of Trump’s more controversial statements, such as making fun of a reporter with a physical disability and criticizing the appearance of women.

By contrast, she said Clinton is the most experienced person ever to run for the presidency.
Watch the full speech above.

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  1. Michelle can see right through a con game. Trump profits from others losing He's beaten the Republican Party by exemplifying their 'brand;' he won their nomination by destroying their party. He'll profit off his low-income supporters money, that it seems to me he's using to purchase the hats he invested in during the primary. when others get pennies on the dollar, he gets dollars on his pennies. He learned from a master, Roy Cohn. That's his mantra.

    He admitted in his debate, he has an Alt Right Path to Pennsylvania Avenue, there's more takings from that quarter.

    That's why he smacked his lips at the idea of the housing bubble bursting.

    When Americans lose, Trump when Trump makes a profit. And why his fellow rich guys don't respect him, it is possible for everyone to profit, profits aren't always dependent on others losing their shirts. But that is the Roy Cohn model.