Tuesday, October 11, 2016

VIDEO: Massive Hillary Clinton Rally in Columbus, Ohio (10/10/16)

Via @dougmillsnyt
Look at that photo! The day after the second debate, Hillary had her biggest rally of the election!

Via Columbus Dispatch:
Ahead in a presidential race that’s rapidly transforming before voters’ eyes, Hillary Clinton drew what was called the biggest crowd of her campaign Monday night at Ohio State University.

And she wasted no time launching a pointed but measured dissection of Donald Trump’s vulgar video and debate performance.

The GOP nominee “spent his time last night attacking when he should have been apologizing,” Clinton said a few minutes after taking the outdoor stage on a chilly night at the South Oval.

“We all heard on that tape what he thinks of women and how he treats women,” Clinton said as the crowd booed.

“It wasn’t just this one video that was so disturbing and shocking. We have seen this behavior throughout this entire campaign. … He’s targeted others as well.

“He is an equal-opportunity insulter if there ever was one.”

The Clinton campaign said the Secret Service estimated the crowd at 18,500 when thousands watching from outside the secured area were counted. That would top the 15,000 President Barack Obama drew exactly four years earlier on the OSU Oval.

The big crowd — a number topped by Trump at his rallies on many occasions — came as polls show Clinton gaining both in Ohio and nationally.
This is what momentum looks like! Hillary is definitely going to win Ohio.

Watch the full speech below:

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  1. back in the '08 one, when we were few, and battered regularly, we used to post on why we love Hillary.

    I have a new one, I love Hillary because she wants poor parents to get the cash other parents get through income credit in the form of cash, the parents that need it most.

    Thank you Hillary, I love you. thank you thank you thank you