Wednesday, October 5, 2016

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Rally in Harrisburg, PA (10/4/16)
Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton was in Harrisburg Tuesday urging Pennsylvanians to register to vote.

Clinton said, “We want everybody off the sidelines in this election making sure that you’re standing up for the kind of future that we want to have.”

Clinton spoke to hundreds of people at Zembo Shrine asking them to register to vote. One of her supporters said having a say in this election is crucial.

People in Pennsylvania have only one week left to register before the October 11th deadline. Clinton said she hopes to sway more undecided voters her way.

“Now that Americans are really tuning in and understanding the consequences of this election, we’re going to attract more undecided and yes, even Republicans and certainly Independents to our campaign,” Clinton said.
Watch the full rally above.

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