Thursday, October 13, 2016

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Rally in Las Vegas (10/12/16)

Las Vegas Review-Journal:
Hillary Clinton is priming Nevada voters to cast ballots for her. And it all starts well before Election Day.

The Democratic presidential nominee campaigned in Las Vegas on Wednesday, reminding supporters to register to vote by Tuesday. Early voting in Nevada starts Oct. 22 and ends Nov. 4.

Clinton’s campaign is shifting into the mode of getting early votes in Nevada as Republican rival Donald Trump has had a string of recent damaging headlines.

For Trump, fallout continues after a Washington Post report with a leaked 2005 videotape that includes audio of a conversation in which he talked in explicit terms about groping women. It continued Wednesday with a New York Times report in which women allege Trump inappropriately touched them. Trump’s campaign called that report “fiction.”

Clinton hammered Trump for calling the conversation “locker room talk,” and she noted professional athletes and coaches have taken offense to his explanation and have stepped up to say that’s not locker room talk.

She also encouraged the audience to persuade their friends who support Trump to join her side.

“Stage an intervention,” Clinton told them. Her advice came as Trump is facing opposition even from prominent Republicans who are fleeing the other direction.

She added, “Friends don’t let friends vote for Trump.”

Clinton drew an audience of about 3,475 to the grounds of the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, according to Secret Service figures.
Watch Hillary's full speech above.

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