Monday, October 17, 2016

VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in Denver (10/16/16)

Denver Post:
Democratic party leaders deployed Sens. Bernie Sanders, winner of Colorado’s caucus vote, and Elizabeth Warren on Sunday night at a rally urging votes for Hillary Clinton — a first step, they said, igniting hopes for sweeping change from Wall Street to environmental stewardship to establishing single-payer national health care.

“We’re going to beat Trump and beat him badly. … And we’re going to bring millions of people together to create a political revolution,” Sanders told a packed crowd of 1,700 who jammed into the Auraria campus student union hall. “If we don’t get our act together, this country’s going to slide into oligarchy.”
“Now, thanks to Bernie Sanders, we have the most progressive Democratic platform in American history …,” Warren told the crowd, aiming her appeal to left-leaning urban workers and students. “The game is rigged. It is rigged for the Donald Trumps and the billionaires of the world. … We need your voices and power in this.”
These two are a perfect match and I hope to see more joint events from them before it's done!

Watch both full speeches above.

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