Monday, October 10, 2016

Town Hall Debate Analysis: America Rejects the Bully

Remember that first presidential debate? That was fun! In fact, it was the most fun I've ever had watching a debate. And I knew immediately that Hillary was the clear winner and the polls would reflect that. Since then it's been one hit after another against Trump, culminating in the campaign killer from last Friday.

Maybe the past two weeks got my hopes too high for last night. All expectations aside, however, the second Clinton/Trump showdown was still the most disgusting and dispiriting debate I've ever witnessed. Disgusting because of lurching, lying, lecherous disaster that is Donald Trump...and dispiriting because of all the damage he's doing to the country I love.

It was truly horrific to witness, and I really had no idea what to think as it ended. Did the lies win? Was the bullying effective? Will America actually give this awful man one last chance?

But as it turns out, my worry was misplaced...because America rejected the awful, lying bully.
It made me sick to watch Donald's relentless, false attacks on Hillary for ninety minutes. He threw everything he had at her. A full-on nuclear assault. But Clinton not only survived but thrived and prevailed with her poise and dignity undamaged.

And look at this:
You're reading that right. Thanks to last night, voters have a favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton once again! I believe this is a foreshadowing of what her typical approval rating will be as president.

Trump was very successful in the debate in one respect, though: His base is fired up like never before. Finally someone stood up to the Clintons like they've always wanted, and he's their hero. The problem for him and the Republican establishment is that amounts to only about 35% of the country. And meanwhile, everyone else is appalled. So not only did Hillary further secure the presidency last night, but downballot Republicans everywhere are caught in a terrible trap from which there may be no escape.

As a result, I now believe that Hillary Clinton will win in a transformational landslide and enter the White House in January with both houses of Congress in Democratic control.

And yes, even Texas is fully on the table now.


  1. Yes, she is this good, and she will truly be transformational, and make things fun and all forward looking.

    Donald was terribly depressing, in the most skin crawling way. making those women say his words on the bus weren't offensive to them was about as pornographic as could be, so wrong on so many levels, which is why I guess the media didn't play what they were saying.

    but Hillary just showed her skills, with her eyes on the goals, helping all of us. She always takes care of things, mom to the rescue writ world.

    1. A great day is almost here. Then a great 8 years!

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