Thursday, October 13, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Five Great Debate Moments From Hillary's 2008 Campaign

(In case you missed it. Originally published 9/29/16)

During the primaries eight years ago, Clinton participated in over 25 debates and had numerous fine moments that helped keep her in the lead throughout 2007 and competitive with Barack Obama until May 2008.

Here are five of those moments, starting with perhaps the most famous.

Two days after her third-place finish in Iowa, Clinton was asked why people liked Obama more. Her perfect answer included a charming bit of Diane Keaton-esque comedic acting...and Barack's dismissive response didn't help him one bit:

During that same debate, John Edwards attempted to hitch himself to Obama's wagon as another "powerful voice for change" (how cute!) while pointing to Clinton as part of the "forces of status quo". Hillary's forceful and convincing answer helped her win New Hampshire against very long odds a few days later. Meanwhile, Edwards came in third and that was just about it for him:

During the CNN/YouTube Democratic presidential debate on July 23rd, 2007, one of the more memorable moments featured an online questioner asking Senator Clinton to define the word "liberal" and if she would use the word to describe herself. Her response was spot-on:

After a string of very tough losses in February 2008, she was asked at the Texas Democratic debate to describe the moment in her life when she was most tested. Her amazing answer received an enthusiastic standing ovation that ended the debate. A few days later, she shocked the naysaying pundits by winning the Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island primaries...and carried on. Without question, this was one of the finest moments of her previous campaign: personal favorite, from the January 2008 debate in California. Hillary gets a very tough question from a voter about the potential for a Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton string of presidencies, but her thoughtful answer ends with a zinger that absolutely brings down the house with massive applause that just keeps going and going and going...

Hillary's huge smile is infectious and Barack didn't seem too amused at her terrific answer. Yep, as we saw again this week...she's really good at these things.

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