Thursday, October 6, 2016

Throwback Thursday: The 1992 Vice Presidential Debate

Okay, we're getting deep into political nerd territory here!

In honor of this week's vice presidential debate and news that Al Gore will soon be hitting the campaign trail again, here is the crazy 1992 showdown between Gore, Vice President Dan Quayle and Vietnam war hero Admiral James Stockdale.

The consensus was that Quayle and Gore fought it out to rough draw, but all the memorable "moments" belonged to Stockdale...though not always in a positive way. Wikipedia explains:
Admiral Stockdale, Perot's running mate, became an object of ridicule afterwards including being lampooned on Saturday Night Live. Stockdale often seemed confused and disoriented; at one point he asked that a question be repeated because his hearing aid was not on. At another point when asked about abortion, Stockdale merely said "What a woman does with her body is her business period". However, it should be pointed out that Stockdale only had one week to prepare for the debate and had not discussed any of the issues with Perot beforehand. At one point, when Quayle and Gore were squabbling back and forth, Stockdale said, "I think you can see why this country is in gridlock".
This remains the only time that more than two candidates have ever appeared in a televised vice presidential debate. There's really no telling when it will happen again.

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