Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Second Presidential Debate!

Okay, here we go! It's gonna be wild, folks...and quite possibly decisive.

Watch the live stream above or on any major cable or broadcast network at 9pm ET/8 pm CT.

As always, follow Hillary HQ on Twitter and Facebook for live reaction and post-debate analysis.


  1. this should be historic, unqualified and uncurious fathead sexist creep faces qualified adult woman driven to do the most good.

    Could the poles be farther apart? how long before Donald blows his brisket? (and, what does that even mean?)

    I just came across the Jeff Bezos story, the heart and the cash behind the Washington Post research. What a guy!!!

    Want to thank him? His email is:

    Thank you, Jeff

    I'll watch the debate with you tonight, xxx

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    2. I suggest you look in the mirror if you wish to encounter someone with shit for brains.
      Pathetic troll.

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    1. Your precious Bernie is a grifter and an opportunist who thought that after sitting on his backside doing nothing in the Senate for years that he would benefit from the baseless right wing smears against HRC and essentially walk into the Democratic nomination by default.
      HRC put paid to those delusions by earning the votes and the nomination and is the only qualified candidate running for President. You can take your baseless accusations and deposit them where the sun does not shine.

  3. Trolling for other candidates and insulting Hillary supporters is not allowed here. Your comments will be deleted.