Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Most Interesting Woman in the World


  1. gets the most 'interest,' too.

    Remember when I wrote this?:

    Comey was first given a pass by our side, and I understand why, women can't win when we demand equal treatment, the push back is insane, even men who do treat women equally, as much as culturally possible, get upset when some guy is called out, and the backlash makes women lets things go.

    But it was clear to me that Comey was fascinated with Hillary, which is why he had to weigh in with the sexist memes he 'believes' are really true of her:

    About Comey's unprofessional testimony I wrote:

    He didn’t communicate with State, or he would have found out for himself that two out of three of the emails he’d claimed had “classified markings” were clerical errors, and that the “classified marking” did not make them “marked classified.” So he wrongly claimed he had found evidence that contradicted Hillary’s assertion that she didn’t send or receive emails that were marked classified; earth to Comey - they are not the same thing. That was pointed out to him during the hearing; there are specific rules for marking documents classified, and he found no emails she sent or received that had been marked classified.

    Comey has obvious problems understanding the terminology used in the State Department, but at least once he asked before announcing his own conclusions. He’d first assumed that Hillary had once requested that the designation of "classified" be removed from a document so that she could get it over email, when she had factually asked that the classified information be removed, because she needed to read only the unclassified parts.

    Comey showed an ordinary English comprehension deficit when he agreed that her assertion that she only wanted to use one device was false, because over the years she’d changed devices several times. But she’d factually said she didn’t want to have to juggle two at one time, one for personal and one for work, not that she’d never upgraded to a newer model.


    Why wasn't he suspended and investigated after that testimony? Basically because it wouldn't have helped, it would just have been more chance for pile-on, like the white house travel agency, women may not call out men, we are not allowed to, too many other men 'share' the castration.

    Comey needed to get permission from two women, not only Lorretta Lynch, but also Director Newman, but he's MAN, he follows the MAN CODE, he answers to no woman!!!

  2. And now it's about Comey's honor? he had no choice otherwise his integrity might be questioned? Like, he's the important one, not the one running to be leader of the free world? Really? He was defending his own honor, and trying to destroy Hillary? Makes me sick, it's still a man's world, and their enablers creep me out.

    Comey was not forced to say or do anything, he did it because he wanted to, and it's not the first time he's tried to harm her chances, spin nothing into as much he can, and use his office to give him credibility.

    As if a rabid Hillary hating House Republican might call him out, out after the fact, so what, he isn't running for office. What a baby he is, what a self-important stupid creep baby.

    He should be suspended, and put on house arrest, his home should be searched to find incriminating communications between him and house Republicans, or who knows who.

    or better, he needs to be put somewhere, so he can't do anymore damage, some navy barge?

    what do we do with home-grown traitors?