Monday, October 17, 2016

Paul Krugman's Post-Election Punditry Preview

Yep, pretty much:

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  1. Hillary could have beaten any of them, but she would have campaigned differently (except for Cruz, she would have let him beat himself too, but she would have had a better chance to speak about her policies). Jeb would have allowed the talk to be about policies, he actually believed in his own political philosophy, so she would have had the chance to present more evidence.

    Kasich really had no chance, he flips into gibberish, and while I find that charming, it's not the sort of thing big donors want to see.

    But it is possible that Donald wouldn't have won his nomination if Hillary hadn't been the one to beat 'up.' That was the point of Chris Christie, the manly man to run against the woman. Jeb! was considered too girly, so when Chris went all 'bridge,' and became impossible, Donald was the only 'one', the great male hope who wasn't afraid to treat the girl candidate with the contempt misogynists love to see.

    it's the 'show stopper,' stopping Hillary, but the stop Hillary movement didn't have a chance, because they never knew how good she is, they believed their own prejudices.