Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Wisconsin Poll Dramatically Shows Trump's Weekend Collapse

Just how deadly to Trump's candidacy was the Billy Bush tape? A new Wisconsin poll from Marquette Law School lays it out. The overall result of a seven point lead for Clinton sounds about normal, but when we look at the daily's stunning:
After the tape bombshell landed on Friday afternoon, independents and (especially) women ran away screaming from Trump. Clinton's massive national lead in the NBC/WSJ poll (!), nine-point lead in Ohio (!!) and the tie in Utah (!!!) are further evidence of this, though we'll surely see more polls that show the same thing in the next few days.

However, the senate race in Wisconsin is way too close:
C'mon Wisconsin! We gotta get Feingold back in the senate. This should be an easy choice. He'll be one of Hillary's best progressive partners in Congress!


  1. that is telling, Wisconsin is Koch country, and they have not spent a dime on Trump. One of them even signaled he'd vote for Hillary. Trump's only chance was winning the independents, who don't hate Hillary for DNA reasons.

    it is important to note that Republicans will vote for Hillary and to the surprise of not me she has not walked back one progressive policy, she's putting out more, like providing the child credit to poor families as a cash payment.

    She is going for a mandate for her progressive policies, a vote for her is a vote for her policies. And that isn't stopping them, for two reasons, one maybe they don't hate poor people and don't really think only rich should get cash from the government, and another and maybe the most important is that progressive policies grow the economy. Putting more spending money in American pockets grows the economy, it isn't just the right moral thing to do, it's the right practical thing to do.

    1. She's got Wisconsin, but I just hope Feingold makes it. Maybe a few more visits from Bernie and Elizabeth would help firm it up.