Thursday, October 6, 2016

Latino USA Poll: Clinton Increases Massive Lead Over Trump Nationwide and in Florida

Want to see one major reason why Hillary Clinton will be the next president? Check out this stunning graph showing Clinton's lead among Latino voters nationwide:

See that big uptick since since their previous poll conducted before the first debate? Clinton has now increased her margin over Trump by over ten points into a stunning 83%-11% lead. The Florida numbers in this Latino USA poll could be the most important of all:
Trump also saw a significant decrease with Florida’s Latino voters in this week’s poll, which was conducted days after the first presidential debate. The pre-debate NLV poll had Trump with 29.3% of Latino support in Florida. The post-debate poll now has Trump at 17.6%. Meanwhile, Clinton’s support jumped from 58.3% to 76.5%.
Trump also lost support in the Miami area, and revelations that he violated the Cuban embargo probably had something to do with that.

Mike Pence didn't help the situation this week either:
We're reaching the point where it's all about turnout, and there's some encouraging news on that front today as well via Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook:
Also remember that before the first debate, David Plouffe revealed that the Clinton campaign felt "very confident" about their numbers in Florida. Considering all this, I actually think we're going to win Florida more comfortably than many people expect. And if Clinton's Latino support is truly this strong across the country and voter turnout exceeds expectations, she's going to win Arizona too.

That's not all. If Trump's overall support among independents and Republicans drops off a bit more, another longtime red state might just turn blue as well...

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