Sunday, October 9, 2016

It's All Falling Apart

It sounds like Trump might have to find yet another new campaign manager soon:
A source within the campaign strongly implied to NBC News that Conway was considering leaving the campaign in the midst of the latest turmoil.

"Kellyanne is a good practicing Catholic," the source said. "She's thinking 'I have kids. Is this what I want?' She's never shied away from the role her faith plays in her life."
Donald might even have to find a new running mate while he's at it.
But even if they both stay on, it's possible that no one else in his party will support him.
So obviously. it's time to declare civil war.
And why should Trump back down when the vast majority of his supporters are still with him?
As a reminder, it was all falling apart before the hot mic tape even landed.
But after Trump is done destroying the Republican Party, the map could end up looking like this.

See you at the debate tonight, Donald.


  1. If Kellyanne leaves now, it's to save her career, not her immortal soul.

    None of this is new, he's been on Howard Stern, there is a graphic description of his rape of his wife, by his wife, and while she later took it back, for understandable reasons, she provided too many details to later credibly claim she'd made it up. The stories about Trump have been too many and too consistent and most haven't been denied, Kellyanne had heard it all, and in the meantimes she's sexist-girl-charged a wife with defending her husband up to the point she found out he'd lied to her, for behavior that Kellyanne knew Trump had engaged in with all three of his wives.

    Kellyanne has blithely defended a man, when there has been clear documented evidence he cheated on his wives, and was a mean sexist bully, Donald didn't deny it, he's a proud creep.

    A man who pays her, and that she doesn't love and isn't married to, and who isn't the father of her child. And defended against real evidence of real icky conduct, engaged in long before he had a political career to ruin, and a credible history of political foes playing dirty tricks, trying to bring him down with lies.

    There is no credible defense for Kellyanne, that Kellyanne didn't know who the man that pays her is, long before she heard this tape, and that what is different now is only that he is now a sinking ship.

    Sorry Kellyanne, you got aboard before the ship sailed, too late for you, your immortal soul concerns didn't stop you when you still had time.

  2. Another hypocritical bible thumper. Seems to be the raison d'ĂȘtre for Republicans.