Sunday, October 30, 2016

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Hillary HQ Needs Your Support One Last Time Before Election Day

A message from Hillary HQ founder/editor Scott Hopkins:

We're in the final days of the campaign and Hillary HQ going into overdrive until November 8th! It's going to be an intense ride to the finish line, and the site needs to reach the funding goal to keep operating full-time without taking on financial burden.

Click HERE to make a donation to Hillary HQ via GoFundMe or HERE via PayPal.

At this time, Hillary HQ is operating in the red in its continuing mission to help elect Hillary Clinton. This is due to my promise of keeping the site 100% ad-free even while grassroots donations to the site have dropped off significantly since late summer. Currently, we are just short of the halfway mark of the funding goal. My hope is that the site could continue well into Hillary's presidency to cover policy in-depth and help win future elections in 2018, 2020 and 2022 just as we have been doing this year. However, at this rate the site is in danger of closing shop as a full-time operation before the inauguration even arrives.

But it doesn't have to be that way. If the original fundraising goal is reached, I'll be confident that Hillary HQ will be able to continue well into the future as we look for new ways to keep the site fully funded well into next year and beyond.

Some of you may be wondering why I am just now mentioning this. The reason is because I've been focused like a laser on the only thing that really matters right now: Electing Hillary Clinton!

To help reach our goal, the original GoFundMe target of $16k is being gradually reduced to account for donations coming in from PayPal. To support our mission at this site, click on the button on the right to donate via GoFundMe or on the button directly below to donate via PayPal (both options are 100% safe & secure):

With a little help from our friends, Hillary HQ will remain the best, most comprehensive and most essential hub for Hillary news, opinion and activism anywhere on the Internet for years to come. 

Please read more about the history and mission of the site below, and check out some of our featured posts from the last 22 months on the far right side of the page. Thank you all so much for your continued readership and support!


Hillary HQ was founded in January 2015, three months before Clinton entered the race, with the intention of being the very best single source of news, opinion and activism in support of Hillary anywhere on the Internet. And we have succeeded through the combination of our wide variety of original pieces, robust weekday roundups courtesy of the essential "Hillary News & Views" series, and regular sharing of links from all over the web via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

At the very beginning, the site had zero followers on social media. But today, we have about 125,000 followers on Facebook and over 3,700 on Twitter! Which is pretty amazing.

And make no mistake, Hillary HQ has had an impact on this election.

In the early days, the focus of Hillary HQ was on building excitement for Hillary's upcoming progressive candidacy with a focus on pre-campaign speeches and excellent poll numbers against potential Republican challengers. And when the email "scandal" officially hit, we were ready to fight back with a series of investigative posts, several of which were widely read and shared here and at Daily Kos. Remember, at that time there was no Clinton campaign yet, so it was up to blogs like this one to push back when things got rough.

After Hillary entered the race, Hillary HQ became an unflagging positive beacon in support of her candidacy as much of the progressive blogosphere went harshly negative against her while supporting another candidate. During that time, many of the site's posts were widely read and shared here and on Daily Kos, including these highlights:

By the way, the photo in the latter post was taken in Iowa and received well over 40,000 shares on Facebook alone. But it was only one of a great many of our posts focused on Iowa, a state Clinton ended up winning by 0.25%. Did posts from Hillary HQ actually make the difference there? We'll never know for sure...but I'm very glad it helped!

By the early months of this year, the tone turned more negative in the Democratic primary, and Hillary HQ certainly fought back forcefully when necessary in order to help Clinton win the nomination. But we always tried to follow the lead of the campaign, and when it was all said and done, it became our mission to reach out to Bernie supporters and remind them that we are all on the same progressive team

When the general election season arrived, I decided to quit my day job and run Hillary HQ full time. I was able to do this, and keep this site 100% ad-free as we exploded in popularity, thanks to the generous support of readers like you. As the insanity of the year keeps getting more and more intense, this site has remained an essential resource in the fight to elect Clinton while simultaneously going after Donald Trump via near-constant updates to literally hundreds of thousands of people every week via social media (thanks mostly to sharing by our 100k+ Facebook followers). I'd also like to think our many posts about Texas helped turn it into a full-fledged battleground!

And all that work is about to pay off, as victory is now within sight!

Click HERE to make a donation to Hillary HQ via GoFundMe or HERE via PayPal.


  1. Done. Keep up the great work, Scott. Love this site.

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You're a Hillary HQ hero! :-)

  2. me too, I am on the monthly plan, but today everyone but her was depressing, and I wanted to thank her for not being depressing. for being not just great prepared and smart, but sweet and upbeat. thank you Hillary.