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Hillary News & Views 10.31: Vision, Downballot, No Distractions, Get Loud

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Today we begin with Hillary in attendance at a Unity Rally in Wilton Manors on Sunday. The Miami Herald reports:
Her overall message to an African-American church in Fort Lauderdale and a gay club in Wilton Manors was the same: she will fight against discrimination while she accused Donald Trump of stoking it.
Donald Trump has insulted more than half our population,” she said at The Manor Complex club, listing African Americans, Latinos, POWs and women. “I have been fighting for families and underdogs my entire life. I’m not stopping now.
Clinton tweaked her messages for the two separate audiences. She talked about how the LGBT community continues to face discrimination at work and her desire to preserve the right of same-sex marriage while she praised the New Mount Olive Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale for working to improve neglected neighborhoods and spoke about her calls to reform the criminal justice system and invest in early childhood education.
Clinton, who is Methodist, quoted Scripture at the church.
Scripture tells you when there is no vision the people perish,” Clinton said, and then said she would edit that message. “When there is negative, hateful, divisive vision the people also perish.
When Clinton declared “I am going to defend President [Barack] Obama’s legacy,” including the Affordable Care Act, the congregation rose to give her a standing ovation.
ABC local station 10 reports that in the appearance Clinton promised to continue progress on LGBT rights and fight against efforts such as Trump’s to roll them backwards. 
Clinton spoke at the rally, telling scores of people who had showed up to see her that she will fight for their rights, and said that Trump would only stop the progress already made in this country for the LGBT community.
"This election will determine whether we continue the progress we've made or let it be ripped away," Clinton said. "We know Trump has promised that he'll appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn marriage equality and that he will repeal President Obama's executive actions to protect LGBT people from discrimination."
Clinton told the crowd that she fight to protect the LGBT community from discrimination, including many young people who often end up on the streets.
"Know we will then be able to protect LGBT Americans from discrimination in all aspects of our lives," Clinton said. "We will work together to achieve an AIDS-free generation. We will take on homelessness, bullying and violence, particularly youth homelessness, which disproportionately hurts LGBT kids. And we're going to end the harmful practice of so-called conversion therapy."
The campaign made an appeal to voters to support national and local Democratic candidates at all levels of government.
But the presidential race isn’t the only one being decided. There are also 34 Senate seats up for grabs this year, along with the usual 435 seats in the House, and countless local elections.
It is the legislative branch that is responsible for writing and passing laws, ratifying treaties, and approving Supreme Court justices.
So, if you’re voting Hillary Clinton, don’t stop after you’ve marked the ballot for your presidential candidate: Support the Democrats up and down the ticket who can help make her Stronger Together vision a reality—especially with so many congressional races as close as they are.
On Saturday, Hillary spoke in Daytona Beech, FL. She echoed President Obama’s lines about how many important issues are on the ballot this election and called out how remarkable the FBI director’s intervention was on Friday.
Some of you may have heard about a letter written by the FBI director,” Clinton said. “You probably have a few questions about it. It is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. In fact, it’s not just strange, it’s unprecedented and deeply troubling.
Clinton said that voters “deserve to get the full and complete facts” and called on Comey to “explain everything right away. Put it right out on the table.”
She also criticized her Republican opponent Donald Trump for what she said were “lies” about the situation.
Trump is “doing his best to mislead and discourage the American people,” she said. “I think it’s time for Donald Trump to stop fear mongering. We can’t let him get away with it.”
The standing-room only crowd in the tight space of the gym, which included several hundred in the rafters, roared with approval as Clinton turned to the remaining days of the campaign, saying she was “so motivated, so excited.”
We can’t let the last ten days be about distraction,” she said. “It’s about what kind of country we want for ourselves and our grandchildren, and who will help take us there as your president.
The full speech is here.


Later in the evening on Saturday, Hillary appeared in a Get Out the Vote concert with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. She encouraged voters to go to the polls 
There are just ten days left in the most important election of our lives…. Donald Trump is out there stoking fear, disgracing our democracy, and insulting one group of Americans after another. But let me ask you this: Are we going to let Donald Trump get away with that?
You’re right, we’re not. And we believe in a different kind of change, where we come together, we grow together. Because you know what? We are stronger together. So just remember no matter how low our opponents go, we go high. And no matter what they throw at us, we don’t back down. Not now, not ever….
We just heard Jennifer perform Let’s Get Loud. Well, I say let’s get loud at the voting booth!
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  1. she's always so high road, the best of the best.

    She would never point out the Comey's name was put out by Republicans when President Obama got a second nomination, and he didn't pick him. He picked him to be the FBI director, in one of his failed attempts to show the Republicans he can compromise, but they brought him back after Scalia died, he was considered the only one they would have voted to approve. Comey never said, I am FBI director for ten years, don't consider me, he stayed silent. He has been partisan about Hillary since this 'investigation' started, leaks that suggested a criminal investigation, and he never said no. He says this now, to reduce her chance to win and to reduce her chance to win with enough down-tickets to get through her supreme court choices. In which case, how about Comey, he's the one?

    Yet Hillary has never called him out on the 'special' treatment, just for girls.

    I am though, he wants to be on the Supreme Court, and his chance is if she's forced to compromise to get anyone through.

    Sorry Comey, Hillary will pick the best choice, and that would never be you.

  2. thank god for Carville (and Harry Reid), straight talkers, and men so they can get away with it.

    Nina Turner threw mud at her, claimed she's behind the drama and Nina isn't supporting either candidate, take that Bernie, as usual I am a better Bernie supporter than those last minutes who used him to smear my candidate. I voted for Rx limits in California, I wasn't sure but Bernie told me to, so I did.

    Bernie tells Nina to work to get Hillary elected, and she's 'nah.' He tells me to vote for Prop 61 and I say, "yes Senator Sanders!!"

    that's the difference between self-serving snakes and me.