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Hillary News & Views 10.24: List-maker in chief, Pennsylvania, alpha males, millennials

Hillary and Tim in Philadelphia on Saturday (photo courtesy HFA)

Guest post by swiffy

Today we begin with Hillary’s case for the list makers in front of a Charlotte, NC audience yesterday, via the Washington Post.
We’ve got challenges, don’t get me wrong,” Clinton said at an outdoor rally on a sparkling fall afternoon.
I’ve laid out a whole agenda about dealing with those challenges,” she said, adding that she is sometimes criticized for the detail of those proposals.
I’ve got to tell you, I think a lot of the women in the audience will appreciate — we are list-makers!” Clinton exclaimed to laughs and cheers….
I traveled across the world. I saw many things that distinguished us” from other countries, she said. “The peaceful transfer of power is one of the things that makes America America, and, frankly, it's one of the things that makes America already great,” she said to whoops and laughter. “We can't ever give that up.”
When she was helming the State Department, Clinton would often say that she used her own example as the losing Democratic primary candidate in 2008 to make a point to foreign audiences about how democracy works. Rather than hire her, a former rival, as part of the government as President Obama did, she would say, leaders of some nations might have exiled her or worse.
We have got to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. That is what the next president will say on Inauguration Day,” she said. “Those cannot be just words.
The full video is here.
Earlier in the day, Hillary spoke at the service of the Union Baptist Church in Durham and then gave a rally in Raleigh, NC.
Tim and Hillary campaigned in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, PA on Saturday. They gave a conference to reporters on the plane about campaigning together.
 The video of the Pittsburgh rally is here.
President Obama was on the campaign trail in Las Vegas yesterday to make a rousing case for Hillary as the next President. NBC reports.
President Barack Obama told a crowd of Las Vegas supporters Sunday that they have a winning hand in Hillary Clinton, adding that the only way to lose the election is to "fold your hand and not vote."
At a campaign rally at Cheyenne High School in North Las Vegas, a relaxed and joking Obama encouraged supporters to call "cousin Pookie" and "Jesse" and inspire them to get out to vote.
"You've got an ace, and you've got a jack! But you got to make sure to turn over the card by voting," Obama said. "This game didn't start on November 8th. The game ends on November 8th!"
The video is here.
Hillary, Tim, and Obama are all giving strong to support to local Democratic candidates in their appearances.
There continues to be a stream of endorsements of Hillary from newspapers of all stripes. The Cedar Rapids Gazette writes this.
As it stands, the only responsible endorsement to make is for Clinton.
Hillary Clinton is arguably the most broadly prepared candidate for presidency in the history of the office. Her long history of public service has included serving as first lady in Arkansas and in Washington, D.C. In both positions, she strove to be an active force in driving public policies to better the lives of American families, women and children.
She continued that work as a U.S. senator from New York, where she fought for important improvements in pediatric drug safety and equal pay for equal work. As U.S. secretary of state, she traveled the globe representing the U.S. and spreading the message of democracy.
Has she solved every problem? Of course not. But she has tirelessly, consistently, done the work. As even her opponent has acknowledged, she never gives up. That, along the way Clinton also has learned to excel at political gamesmanship speaks as much to our current system as it speaks to her character.
There were also more endorsements from these publications.
Harvard student Milo Beckman wrote about his support of Hillary in the primary and the Leftist case for Hillary. Beckman’s essay was highlighted by ShareBlue.
I voted for Clinton not to preserve the center-left establishment, but because I believe she’s the single person best positioned to co-opt the existing institutional framework and advance my values in the world….
But at the same time, I’ve been thrilled at the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency for most of my politically aware life. For me this is not a “lesser of two evils” election — it’s the best conceivable candidate versus the worst conceivable candidate....
The short version is this: If we play our cards right, historians will remember the sixteen years from 2009 to 2025 as a period of profound change in American society. That change will be largely credited to two outsize personalities — Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — and their progressive coalition of young voters, people of color, and urban whites with college degrees.
Michael Tomasky writes about the extended history of Hillary facing off against and defeating alpha males over the decades
I’ve seen it for years. I’ve covered her on and off for 17 years, when she first went up to New York to run for Senate. All these alpha males were supposed to bury her….
And now, she’s two-plus weeks away from becoming the first woman president of the United States. Imagine what she’s been through. Some of it, yes, she brought on herself; the email server, the speeches, some aspects of the foundation story. But most of it has been a cabal of ideologues who’ve been trying and failing for 25 years to put her in jail. And in two months and 28 days, unless something goes really kablooey, she’ll be standing up there becoming president.
All the predictions are grim for the post-inaugural period: She’ll have no mandate, and Republican opposition will be implacable because they’ll know that if they can bring her numbers down by 2018 they can romp in the midterms. For the most part I share this view. But I look back over the carcasses she’s left behind of men who were supposed to dominate her and I think just maybe she’ll figure something out.
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  1. list makers is spot on.

    now the heads are claiming liberals are gearing up to force her to keep her progressive agenda. First they predicted she'd walk it back to get Republican voters, and she's going for Republican votes but not walking it back, she's expanding it, with the child tax credits as extra income for parents who don't earn enough to have owed it.

    Earth to talking heads - Hillary wants the progressive to make those demands, she's asked them to, because that will help her. She'll do it anyway, but if progressives help her by marching for her agenda and voting in the mid-terms for her agenda, she'll say "thank you, may I please have some more?"