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Hillary News & Views 10.17: Inspiring, Foundations, Kaine on Sunday Shows, Endorsements

Hillary in Las Vegas on Wednesday (photo courtesy HFA)


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Today we begin with Hillary’s statement Saturday on the disruption of a plot by three Kansas men to attack an apartment complex.
I applaud law enforcement for detecting and disrupting a highly disturbing terror plot in Kansas, in which men were allegedly planning an elaborate attack directed at Muslim Americans, including directing four car bombs at an apartment complex housing more than 100 men, women, and children. This plot is an affront to all Americans. We all must stand firm in fighting terror and rejecting hateful and divisive rhetoric--and we must do it together. According to the FBI, their eight-month investigation uncovered 'a hidden culture of hatred and violence.' We should all be grateful to law enforcement for preventing this plot from being carried out, and as President, I will work with law enforcement at all levels and with our communities to make sure we have the tools we need to prevent both domestic and international terrorist threats.
Tim Kaine has been campaigning in Florida this weekend. On Sunday morning he spoke entirely in Spanish at Pneuma Church in Miami, and CNN reports this is a first for someone on the presidential ticket.
Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine made campaign history Sunday morning as the first presidential ticket candidate to deliver a speech entirely in Spanish during a Spanish-language church service.
"Yo soy catolico," Clinton's running mate said to the congregation at Pneuma Church in Miami, Florida. He introduced himself, discussing his time in Honduras as a missionary, and noting Clinton's faith as a Methodist.
The Virginia senator encouraged parishioners to vote, emphasizing the responsibility to participate politically in accordance with Christian values, and reminded them of the October 18 registration deadline.
The Maimi Herald reported on Tim Kaine’s stop in Liberty City, Florida. He also spoke at a rally in Miami later after the church service.
Kaine climbed into the bed of an F-350 pickup truck, its windows soaped with his running mate’s logo, and encouraged a crowd of around 200 people to vote. Dressed in jeans and sporting sunglasses, his main message was to get as many people to the polls as possible. Florida’s voter registration ends Oct. 18 after a last-minute extension by a federal judge. Early voting starts Oct. 24 in Miami-Dade and Broward, and Election Day is Nov. 8.
His visit to the predominantly black community of Liberty City, part of the Hillary Clinton campaign’s outreach to black voters, is his fifth stop in South Florida. Previously, Clinton and President Barack Obama have done call-in interviews and advertised with local radio stations with largely black audiences.
On Sunday, Kaine also appeared on the morning news shows of three networks to talk about the presidential race.
L.V. Anderson writes in Slate how she finds Hillary Clinton’s performance in the last debate downright inspiring.
The fact remains that Hillary stood onstage and calmly and persuasively made the case for her candidacy while her looming, lurching, lunatic opponent attempted to humiliate her in front of the entire world. If Hillary can do that, then the rest of us can do whatever we put our minds to.
Put yourself in Hillary’s shoes for a moment. You’re 68 years old. You have spent decades—decades—in the public eye, absorbing criticism from every possible angle. Your opponent is an impulsive, amoral ignoramus with a long history of humiliating women. He has made it his strategy during this debate to dredge up what are probably the darkest moments of your personal life—your husband’s affairs and alleged sexual assaults—as evidence of your failures as a wife and as a woman. He has brought three of these women to sit in the front row during the debate in an attempt to throw you off guard and cow you into submission. He literally tells you to your face that he will imprison you if he wins the election.
What would you do? If I were Hillary, I would blubber incomprehensibly through my rage-tears for the duration of the debate, if I lasted onstage that long. What did Hillary do? She stood tall and looked comfortable. She listened carefully to the voters who were asking her questions and offered them empathetic, intelligent, and articulate answers. She serenely and thoughtfully enumerated the character faults that make Trump unfit for office. She laughed it off when Trump insulted her in the most personal of terms. 
Obama wrote about economics for The Economist.
The results are clear: a more durable, growing economy; 15m new private-sector jobs since early 2010; rising wages, falling poverty, and the beginnings of a reversal in inequality; 20m more Americans with health insurance, while health-care costs grow at the slowest rate in 50 years; annual deficits cut by nearly three-quarters; and declining carbon emissions.
For all the work that remains, a new foundation is laid. A new future is ours to write. It must be one of economic growth that’s not only sustainable but shared. To achieve it America must stay committed to working with all nations to build stronger and more prosperous economies for all our citizens for generations to come.
NPR has a piece about the glaring differences between two Foundations connected to the Presidential candidates.
"I think they're two very different types of charities," said Larry Noble, a lawyer at the Campaign Legal Center in Washington, D.C. "One of them is very professionally run and does a lot of work. The other seems to be more loosely run. And seems to be more focused on Donald Trump."
The most obvious difference between the two foundations is scale. The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, as it's formally known, is huge. It has hundreds of employees and a $90 million budget. The Donald J. Trump Foundation, by contrast, is fairly small. It has no full-time employees and a budget of about $600,000 dollars.
During the vice presidential debate earlier this month, Republican Mike Pence argued that the Clinton Foundation is basically a slush fund for its founders.
"Less than 10 cents on the dollar in the Clinton Foundation has gone to charitable causes," Pence charged.
But charities experts say that statement is misleading.
"It's based on a misunderstanding," Noble said, "either intentional or unintentional, of what kind of charitable foundation it is."
A large batch of newspaper endorsements came out for Hillary Clinton this weekend. As we have seen before, even some historicallly conservative papers are endorsing Clinton as the only candidate fit to lead the country.  Here is the Billings Gazette.
A vote for Clinton is more than a vote against Trump. Those of us who actually pay federal income taxes and aren’t in the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans would get a better deal with Clinton's tax policy proposals.
Clinton has a decades-long record of standing up for children and disadvantaged citizens. She was a strong early proponent of the federal Children's Health Insurance Program, which today covers tens of thousands of Montana kids with low-cost or no-cost insurance….
We implore Gazette readers to use their votes to elect the better candidate in this race. Vote for the first American woman to become our president; vote for Clinton.
Throughout its modern history, this newspaper has endorsed Republican candidates for president, but this election year it will not.
Several conservative candidates with the leadership experience, character, aptitude, credentials and ideas to serve this nation well in the White House failed in the primary, and others chose not to run. Of the candidates in all parties who remain in this race, only one can lead this nation for the next four years, and that person is Hillary Clinton….
Clinton has the foreign policy resume for this job. She doesn't just bluster about what she would do in the foreign arena, she has been there. Yes, she has made mistakes; those come with the job in a dangerous world. She understands the need to work with U.S. allies and would work to maintain alliances. Unlike her opponent, she knows who American allies are.
The Oval Office is still the most powerful office on the planet, and the person who occupies it must comprehend the gravity of the job. It requires self control, as the words and the actions of the president can put the lives of hundreds or thousands in jeopardy. Hillary Clinton is the candidate who is best able to maintain a reliable policy toward allies and foes.
Hillary Clinton understands the issues facing our country, offers practical solutions and articulates a vision for bolstering America’s greatness by fulfilling its promise to all Americans. And unlike Donald Trump, she has the experience, the temperament, the maturity and the grasp of policy needed to lead this nation during a time of rapid change.
Clinton listens to differing opinions, owns up to her mistakes and moves forward. She is among the most qualified and most vetted candidates ever to seek our nation’s highest office, and she has what it takes to command our troops, stabilize the Supreme Court, fix our aging infrastructure and guide a shift to cleaner energy to meet the challenge of climate change.
Throughout her career, she has advocated for families and blazed trails for women.
As a young lawyer at the Children’s Defense Fund, she campaigned for children with disabilities, pushing Massachusetts to provide education for all. As the first lady of Arkansas and the United States, she focused on health, education and women’s rights; though her attempts to establish universal health care were thwarted, she shepherded the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which now covers more than 8 million kids….
We wholeheartedly and confidently endorse Hillary Clinton to be our next president.
For those who believe America should be a beacon of a hope in a world ravaged by terrorism, that it should be a force for good and that its leaders should embody all that is best about this nation, there is only one choice for president: Hillary Clinton.
The Democratic nominee is intelligent, experienced and respected by our allies around the world. Her detractors say she’s too secretive and too distrustful of the press and the public — and they’re right. But these are characteristics that would have prompted almost anyone else with her background to retire from public life and seek employment in the far more lucrative private sector.
Clinton has instead taken the path of greatest resistance, choosing to remain in the public arena where, for almost 40 years, she has fended off an unrelenting barrage of politically motivated attacks while fighting for social justice.
I also saw endorsements from these publications.
The AZ Republic had a follow up about threats that it faced after it endorsed Hillary Clinton.
Later today, Bill Clinton will campaign in Hanover and Keene, New Hampshire. Bernie Sanders will appear in Colorado. Wednesday night is the third and final Presidential Debate.
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