Friday, October 21, 2016

FLORIDA POLL: Clinton Leads Trump by 4, Murphy Tied With Rubio

President Obama campaigns for Clinton and Murphy in Miami (photo courtesy HFA)
Question: What would make Hillary Clinton's upcoming victory in Florida even more sweet?

Answer: Defeating Marco Rubio and sending Patrick Murphy to the Senate in his place!

A new Opinion Savvy poll for Fox 13 Tampa Bay and Fox 35 Orlando shows Clinton leading Trump by four points. This tracks almost exactly with the current polling average in the state, so it's welcome if not surprising news. But when it comes to the Senate race between Marco Rubio and Patrick Murphy, look at this:

That's right, it's an exact tie at 46.2% each! This poll was taken yesterday, the same day that President Obama forcefully laid out the case for both Clinton and Murphy in Miami...and ripped Rubio to shreds. It's possible that the president's speech has already made a difference, but it's also possible that Murphy will keep improving as the word gets out.

Whatever the case, it's really maybe it's time for the DSCC to reconsider their decision to abandon Murphy.


  1. murphy has to bring up Zika, Rubio voted to go home before voting on the Zika bill.

    1. It seems like that would doom him...we'll see...