Monday, October 24, 2016

Early Voting Begins in Battleground Texas!

Listen up, Texas Democrats: This is not a drill!

Early voting begins all across the state today, and it's a serious possibility that Texas will turn blue for the first time since 1976:
Seriously folks, listen to Julián.

Any talk of "don't bother, it's a red state" or "maybe next time" or "Hillary doesn't need it anyway" is now obsolete, because a perfect storm might be forming:

Double-digit national Hillary Clinton landslide looming? Check.
Depressed Republican turnout due to the Trump disaster? Looking like it.
Latino voters turning out like never before? Potentially.

But that's not enough. In addition to this, all Texas Democrats need to know just how close it is so they won't even think of sitting this one out. After getting crushed in cycle after cycle, I get that it might be easy to give up and tune out after getting your hopes up one time too many. But we can't let that happen. Not this year. Not anymore.

In addition to the close presidential race, 36 U.S. House seats are also on the ballot in Texas. So it's not just about Hillary but control of Congress as well. And, of course, the state legislature.

So if you live in Texas or have any friends there, let everyone know that it's a full-blown toss-up state that could go blue this year. Call, text, Facebook...whatever works best to get the word out.

To find your nearest early voting location, go to Also, here are links for some major metropolitan counties with numerous convenient voting locations:

Bexar County
Dallas County
El Paso County
Harris County
Tarrant County
Travis County

For additional info, including what voter ID you should bring along, visit

Remember: If Clinton wins Texas late into the night on November 8th, it would break the back of the GOP as a national party and be the perfect end to this most insane of election years.

So let's go ahead and make it happen, ok?

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