Sunday, October 30, 2016

Clinton Campaign Goes on the Offensive as Criticism of Comey Intensifies

What initially appeared to be a shocking October surprise against Hillary Clinton two days ago keeps transforming into an increasingly shocking actual scandal at the FBI. As such, the Clinton campaign apparently sees no downside to going after James Comey directly. In addition to the above video from this morning, the Clinton campaign has released this post:
But this isn't simply a he said/she said situation, it's a still-unfolding full-blown disaster at the highest levels of the law enforcement. A sampling of the headlines through Sunday afternoon:

Wall Street Journal: Harry Reid: FBI Director Comey’s ‘Partisan Actions’ May Violate Federal Law
Washington Post: James Comey is damaging our democracy
New York Times: On Clinton Emails, Did the F.B.I. Director Abuse His Power?
Washington Post: Was it legal for the FBI to expand the Weiner email search to target Hillary Clinton’s emails?
New York Times: Justice Dept. Strongly Discouraged Comey on Move in Clinton Email Case Politico: Comey's disclosure shocks former prosecutors
Washington Post: FBI agents knew of Clinton-related emails weeks before director was briefed
Yahoo News: Exclusive: FBI still does not have warrant to review new Abedin emails linked to Clinton probe
Politifact: Clinton campaign says Comey letter violates Justice Department protocols (Mostly True)

Rest assured that there will be much more.

As always, keep following Hillary HQ on Twitter and Facebook to be kept up to date on all of these fast-breaking developments as they occur. As for this site itself, we will remain mostly focused on the positive case for Hillary in the final week of this campaign (though who really knows what other surprises might be in store).


  1. comey wants to be nominated to the Supreme Court, he was first pushed by his friends on the hill before Obama nominated him as FBI director, and even when Scalia died, he was put forth as the only one that Senate Republicans would accept. Comey's earlier smears were not enough to make Trump electable, but there is still a chance to get the 5% to stay home, and then the Senate may not be big enough to stop them blocking all future nominations, unless the nomination is Comey.

    he needs to be investigated, to see which Republicans let him know he was still their choice.

  2. re: the mostly true from Politco, they didn't review the written rules, that require Comey to first get approval from the ethics chair, as well as coordinate the release with the department that supposedly might prosecute, the ones that told him not to do it (opposite of coordination).

    but politico is mostly true.

  3. now the new yorker claims IF she wins it's good better for her, and that is cracked. she knows there is nothing in there that could be proof she knowingly mishandled classified information and so does Comey. Comey found none that had standard classifications, one that had a c that referred to something that had been de-classifed before she received it, all of them are the FBI deciding State ought to have classified them, the main one the drone program, referring to newspaper reports was not the the classified data, that makes classified crazy. So, if after the fact it comes out that there might have been a few emails in Anthony's laptop, but turns out they weren't business related at all, and most certainly didn't provide evidence she had knowingly mishandled classified data, so how after the election could that hurt her, she got by without one possible damaging false innuendo?

    it's just wrong, Comey is in it up to his hopes to be on the supreme court neck. Someone should ask him if he were offered a spot on the Supreme Court he'd decline.