Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Al Gore Will Return to the Campaign Trail to Stop Donald Trump

Welcome back, Al!
Former Vice President Al Gore will soon hit the trail on behalf of Hillary Clinton, with the campaign likely announcing his emergence on Wednesday, two Democrats familiar with the move confirmed to POLITICO.

Clinton and aides have recently been pointing to Gore's 2000 experience as a warning to young voters who are considering voting for third-party candidates. Gore also is a notable spokesman for the issue of climate change — a topic President Barack Obama has also been using to try to energize young voters.
Obviously, no one is better equipped to speak about the dangers of third-party voting in close elections than the winner of the popular vote in 2000. And I really can't wait for his speech in Florida! That one might just be a historic barnburner.

But beyond that, it's just great to have this brilliant progressive icon back on the national campaign trail, where he hasn't been active since 2008. He remains an incredibly valuable and beloved member of the Democratic family and we're thrilled to have him out there in the fight to save our country from Donald Trump.

Watch this space for forthcoming details...


  1. I love the Honorable Vice President Albert Gore!!
    I hope I can go see him at a rally in Mississippi or Tennessee.
    Otherwise I will look for his entire speech on the Internet.

    1. You know that we'll have it right here at Hillary HQ as soon as it becomes available!

  2. well, that's cool, that he was invited and that he accepted the invitation. This is going to be healing election. I watched Bernie on a California measure, and I loved him again, I used to love like that, back in the day, and when he said enough with the emails I cheered, and it's back.

    It feels better to love Bernie. A lot better. Remains to be seen with Gore, but it's going in the correct direction, maybe he'll lighten up, lose his sanctimony.

    now, if only Cindy Lauper would sing for her ....

    1. Cindy will sing! And hey, maybe it'll happen at Gore's rally!