Saturday, October 8, 2016

2016, Folks

I thought things were going well for Hillary early yesterday afternoon. Great polls, good VP debate aftermath, a solid strategy for a strong electoral victory, etc.

Then this happened.

Even though this essentially insures that Clinton will be the next president, perhaps in a truly massive landslide, this moment is still an upsetting time for our country as a whole. 2016 is going to leave a mark on our national psych...and we may never be the same again.

Frankly, it's pretty exhausting.

I'm not sure what else to say this morning... except that I'm really, really looking forward to that debate tomorrow. Aren't you?


  1. it's always been true, been there, the misogyny that women face in the workplace, how we're held back and how we're shut out. So it's good that it's out.

    Trump is particularly pre-adolescent, which is why he's creepier than most, but most men when with other men will sometimes talk about women's looks.

    The grossest part was the other guy pimped for him, made the beauty hug him, and then got his own hug, and then Trump walks a little behind her, so he can eyeball her.

    Not all men are creepy, by far, and not all men who talk in sexual terms about women won't retain women who don't play along, but this is what women face, and it ought not be in the workplace, and it is in the workplace.

    You got a peek at Donald, who is especially icky, but also those who play along, egg him on, cheer him on, pimp for him and do some 'grab ass' for themselves.

    And when women complain, first no one believes us, and then we end our careers. That happened to me, at a staff pool party, I changed into my suit in the master bathroom, and the chief psychiatrist was naked when i came out, and I pretended to not notice and walk fast to the door, and he called out, this is your chance to see me naked. I didn't report it, but he must have thought I would, and so he started making up stories about me, that made work so uncomfortable for me that i ended up quitting. Right before I quit, I did report it to HR, and they didn't care, it had been a year earlier and in the meantime I had been falsely charged with goodness knows what, and it seems everyone I worked with knew what he was saying. He had been dating one of the receptionists and someone wrote a letter telling on him, and it wasn't signed, but it seems he told people it was me. The one who didn't tell anyone about the naked comment, I was embarrassed for him, and I didn't hate him. I was an adult, it was just gross. One woman told me what he had been saying, long after it had been going on. My closest friends didn't tell me. Seems they may have believed it. It was very awful for me. I left that job more than 20 years ago, and whenever I am down, i can cheer myself up by remembering I don't work for Kaiser Permanente anymore. but it three years before I would have had lifetime medical benefits, so it cost me in money.

    by the by, I read the leaks, and as usual Hillary is Hillary, she can say the same thing more than one way and she can suggest she's open to talking without giving anything away. The one they said on MSNBC, the private/public is true, Johnson would not have been able to pass civil rights if he hadn't kept some of his cards close to the vest, but the example she used was Lincoln, how he had to play the opposition to end slavery. You may have radically liberal positions, like hers on trade, that I completely agree with, I think the world's people should be able to trade as individuals, and not have to rely on big employers. That's progressive. Her true trade position is that if nations want to trade with us, they have to allow each citizen to trade with us, and protect their environments, and we have to offset any job losses with training and jobs programs to more than make up for them. She thinks the world needs lifting up and if we don't empower poor women in other nations, it isn't going to happen.

    Other than that, which outs her as a true progressive, they flagged only what could be taken out of context.

  2. and she also gave them the 'other' reason for taking climate change seriously, she let them know there is money in it, not just saving the planet. And the private/public partnerships really is the only way to have trade agreements here at home, to require better behavior. And they should help pay for the education and growth opportunities for their future employees, and they should invest in their consumers too. And if it can be win/win, why not?