Monday, October 31, 2016

Multiple New Polls Show Hillary Holding Steady in Final Week

Donald Trump and his new BFF James Comey aren't going to like this, but it looks like the American people are still sick and tired of hearing about Hillary's damn emails.

In fact, today's NBC News/SurveyMonkey national poll finds that Clinton actually gained a point since last week:
Also no change in the new Morning Consult/Politico poll:
Nor in the latest YouGov interviews:
Barely any change in the Reuters/Ipsos poll:
Gallup favorables holding steady:
Looking good in the latest CBS battleground polls as well:
Doing fine in New Hampshire:
And hey, she's even improved in the head-to-head matchup in key blue state since last week:
And now that story has turned into a controversy about a rogue FBI Director attempting to swing an election in the final days while paying little mind to Russian meddling, it wouldn't surprise me if Clinton rebounds in more polls in the coming days.

In fact, it looks like her campaign is counting on it:

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton at Kent State University in Ohio
Hillary Clinton was defiant Monday about the FBI’s examination of a new batch of emails that might be related to her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, saying at a campaign rally, “There is no case here.”

“I am sure a lot of you may be asking what this new email story is about and why in the world the FBI would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrong doing with just days to go,” Clinton said. “That is a good question.”

The Democratic Party’s presidential nominee added she felt confident that the FBI would reach the “same conclusion” as before: “There is no case here.”

“I think most people have decided a long time ago what they think about all this,” she said. “Now, what people are focused on is choosing the next president and commander-in-chief of the United States of America.”
Watch the full speech above.

New Priorities USA Ad: "You Make Me Feel"

Hillary News & Views 10.31: Vision, Downballot, No Distractions, Get Loud

Photo courtesy HFA

Guest post by swiffy

Today we begin with Hillary in attendance at a Unity Rally in Wilton Manors on Sunday. The Miami Herald reports:
Her overall message to an African-American church in Fort Lauderdale and a gay club in Wilton Manors was the same: she will fight against discrimination while she accused Donald Trump of stoking it.
Donald Trump has insulted more than half our population,” she said at The Manor Complex club, listing African Americans, Latinos, POWs and women. “I have been fighting for families and underdogs my entire life. I’m not stopping now.
Clinton tweaked her messages for the two separate audiences. She talked about how the LGBT community continues to face discrimination at work and her desire to preserve the right of same-sex marriage while she praised the New Mount Olive Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale for working to improve neglected neighborhoods and spoke about her calls to reform the criminal justice system and invest in early childhood education.
Clinton, who is Methodist, quoted Scripture at the church.
Scripture tells you when there is no vision the people perish,” Clinton said, and then said she would edit that message. “When there is negative, hateful, divisive vision the people also perish.
When Clinton declared “I am going to defend President [Barack] Obama’s legacy,” including the Affordable Care Act, the congregation rose to give her a standing ovation.
ABC local station 10 reports that in the appearance Clinton promised to continue progress on LGBT rights and fight against efforts such as Trump’s to roll them backwards. 
Clinton spoke at the rally, telling scores of people who had showed up to see her that she will fight for their rights, and said that Trump would only stop the progress already made in this country for the LGBT community.
"This election will determine whether we continue the progress we've made or let it be ripped away," Clinton said. "We know Trump has promised that he'll appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn marriage equality and that he will repeal President Obama's executive actions to protect LGBT people from discrimination."
Clinton told the crowd that she fight to protect the LGBT community from discrimination, including many young people who often end up on the streets.
"Know we will then be able to protect LGBT Americans from discrimination in all aspects of our lives," Clinton said. "We will work together to achieve an AIDS-free generation. We will take on homelessness, bullying and violence, particularly youth homelessness, which disproportionately hurts LGBT kids. And we're going to end the harmful practice of so-called conversion therapy."
The campaign made an appeal to voters to support national and local Democratic candidates at all levels of government.
But the presidential race isn’t the only one being decided. There are also 34 Senate seats up for grabs this year, along with the usual 435 seats in the House, and countless local elections.
It is the legislative branch that is responsible for writing and passing laws, ratifying treaties, and approving Supreme Court justices.
So, if you’re voting Hillary Clinton, don’t stop after you’ve marked the ballot for your presidential candidate: Support the Democrats up and down the ticket who can help make her Stronger Together vision a reality—especially with so many congressional races as close as they are.
On Saturday, Hillary spoke in Daytona Beech, FL. She echoed President Obama’s lines about how many important issues are on the ballot this election and called out how remarkable the FBI director’s intervention was on Friday.
Some of you may have heard about a letter written by the FBI director,” Clinton said. “You probably have a few questions about it. It is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. In fact, it’s not just strange, it’s unprecedented and deeply troubling.
Clinton said that voters “deserve to get the full and complete facts” and called on Comey to “explain everything right away. Put it right out on the table.”
She also criticized her Republican opponent Donald Trump for what she said were “lies” about the situation.
Trump is “doing his best to mislead and discourage the American people,” she said. “I think it’s time for Donald Trump to stop fear mongering. We can’t let him get away with it.”
The standing-room only crowd in the tight space of the gym, which included several hundred in the rafters, roared with approval as Clinton turned to the remaining days of the campaign, saying she was “so motivated, so excited.”
We can’t let the last ten days be about distraction,” she said. “It’s about what kind of country we want for ourselves and our grandchildren, and who will help take us there as your president.
The full speech is here.


Later in the evening on Saturday, Hillary appeared in a Get Out the Vote concert with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. She encouraged voters to go to the polls 
There are just ten days left in the most important election of our lives…. Donald Trump is out there stoking fear, disgracing our democracy, and insulting one group of Americans after another. But let me ask you this: Are we going to let Donald Trump get away with that?
You’re right, we’re not. And we believe in a different kind of change, where we come together, we grow together. Because you know what? We are stronger together. So just remember no matter how low our opponents go, we go high. And no matter what they throw at us, we don’t back down. Not now, not ever….
We just heard Jennifer perform Let’s Get Loud. Well, I say let’s get loud at the voting booth!
Bonus Tweets:

Have a terrific Halloween, everyone!

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Hillary HQ Needs Your Support One Last Time Before Election Day

A message from Hillary HQ founder/editor Scott Hopkins:

We're in the final days of the campaign and Hillary HQ going into overdrive until November 8th! It's going to be an intense ride to the finish line, and the site needs to reach the funding goal to keep operating full-time without taking on financial burden.

Click HERE to make a donation to Hillary HQ via GoFundMe or HERE via PayPal.

At this time, Hillary HQ is operating in the red in its continuing mission to help elect Hillary Clinton. This is due to my promise of keeping the site 100% ad-free even while grassroots donations to the site have dropped off significantly since late summer. Currently, we are just short of the halfway mark of the funding goal. My hope is that the site could continue well into Hillary's presidency to cover policy in-depth and help win future elections in 2018, 2020 and 2022 just as we have been doing this year. However, at this rate the site is in danger of closing shop as a full-time operation before the inauguration even arrives.

But it doesn't have to be that way. If the original fundraising goal is reached, I'll be confident that Hillary HQ will be able to continue well into the future as we look for new ways to keep the site fully funded well into next year and beyond.

Some of you may be wondering why I am just now mentioning this. The reason is because I've been focused like a laser on the only thing that really matters right now: Electing Hillary Clinton!

To help reach our goal, the original GoFundMe target of $16k is being gradually reduced to account for donations coming in from PayPal. To support our mission at this site, click on the button on the right to donate via GoFundMe or on the button directly below to donate via PayPal (both options are 100% safe & secure):

With a little help from our friends, Hillary HQ will remain the best, most comprehensive and most essential hub for Hillary news, opinion and activism anywhere on the Internet for years to come. 

Please read more about the history and mission of the site below, and check out some of our featured posts from the last 22 months on the far right side of the page. Thank you all so much for your continued readership and support!


Hillary HQ was founded in January 2015, three months before Clinton entered the race, with the intention of being the very best single source of news, opinion and activism in support of Hillary anywhere on the Internet. And we have succeeded through the combination of our wide variety of original pieces, robust weekday roundups courtesy of the essential "Hillary News & Views" series, and regular sharing of links from all over the web via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

At the very beginning, the site had zero followers on social media. But today, we have about 125,000 followers on Facebook and over 3,700 on Twitter! Which is pretty amazing.

And make no mistake, Hillary HQ has had an impact on this election.

In the early days, the focus of Hillary HQ was on building excitement for Hillary's upcoming progressive candidacy with a focus on pre-campaign speeches and excellent poll numbers against potential Republican challengers. And when the email "scandal" officially hit, we were ready to fight back with a series of investigative posts, several of which were widely read and shared here and at Daily Kos. Remember, at that time there was no Clinton campaign yet, so it was up to blogs like this one to push back when things got rough.

After Hillary entered the race, Hillary HQ became an unflagging positive beacon in support of her candidacy as much of the progressive blogosphere went harshly negative against her while supporting another candidate. During that time, many of the site's posts were widely read and shared here and on Daily Kos, including these highlights:

By the way, the photo in the latter post was taken in Iowa and received well over 40,000 shares on Facebook alone. But it was only one of a great many of our posts focused on Iowa, a state Clinton ended up winning by 0.25%. Did posts from Hillary HQ actually make the difference there? We'll never know for sure...but I'm very glad it helped!

By the early months of this year, the tone turned more negative in the Democratic primary, and Hillary HQ certainly fought back forcefully when necessary in order to help Clinton win the nomination. But we always tried to follow the lead of the campaign, and when it was all said and done, it became our mission to reach out to Bernie supporters and remind them that we are all on the same progressive team

When the general election season arrived, I decided to quit my day job and run Hillary HQ full time. I was able to do this, and keep this site 100% ad-free as we exploded in popularity, thanks to the generous support of readers like you. As the insanity of the year keeps getting more and more intense, this site has remained an essential resource in the fight to elect Clinton while simultaneously going after Donald Trump via near-constant updates to literally hundreds of thousands of people every week via social media (thanks mostly to sharing by our 100k+ Facebook followers). I'd also like to think our many posts about Texas helped turn it into a full-fledged battleground!

And all that work is about to pay off, as victory is now within sight!

Click HERE to make a donation to Hillary HQ via GoFundMe or HERE via PayPal.

Clinton Campaign Goes on the Offensive as Criticism of Comey Intensifies

What initially appeared to be a shocking October surprise against Hillary Clinton two days ago keeps transforming into an increasingly shocking actual scandal at the FBI. As such, the Clinton campaign apparently sees no downside to going after James Comey directly. In addition to the above video from this morning, the Clinton campaign has released this post:
But this isn't simply a he said/she said situation, it's a still-unfolding full-blown disaster at the highest levels of the law enforcement. A sampling of the headlines through Sunday afternoon:

Wall Street Journal: Harry Reid: FBI Director Comey’s ‘Partisan Actions’ May Violate Federal Law
Washington Post: James Comey is damaging our democracy
New York Times: On Clinton Emails, Did the F.B.I. Director Abuse His Power?
Washington Post: Was it legal for the FBI to expand the Weiner email search to target Hillary Clinton’s emails?
New York Times: Justice Dept. Strongly Discouraged Comey on Move in Clinton Email Case Politico: Comey's disclosure shocks former prosecutors
Washington Post: FBI agents knew of Clinton-related emails weeks before director was briefed
Yahoo News: Exclusive: FBI still does not have warrant to review new Abedin emails linked to Clinton probe
Politifact: Clinton campaign says Comey letter violates Justice Department protocols (Mostly True)

Rest assured that there will be much more.

As always, keep following Hillary HQ on Twitter and Facebook to be kept up to date on all of these fast-breaking developments as they occur. As for this site itself, we will remain mostly focused on the positive case for Hillary in the final week of this campaign (though who really knows what other surprises might be in store).

VIDEO: Tim Kaine on ABC's 'This Week'

Huffington Post:
Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine called on FBI Director James Comey to publicly clarify whether anyone at the FBI has read the new batch of Hillary Clinton-related emails that appeared in a separate investigation of former congressman Anthony Weiner.

Comey sent a letter to Congress on Friday announcing the discovery of emails that were potentially relevant to the probe of Clinton’s private email server. Appearing on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, Kaine called that letter an “unprecedented move” that was in violation of two protocols ― those two protocols being the disclosure of information from an ongoing investigation and the public pronouncement about a potential investigation into a candidate immediately prior to an election.

“If he hasn’t seen the emails, they need to make that plain and release the circumstances of those once they have done the analysis,” Kaine said. “That’s what Hillary said immediately when she spoke to the press on Friday. She said you can’t break both protocols and leave it up in the air with a question mark. You owe people the complete information.”

The Most Interesting Woman in the World

Clinton Leads Trump 47% to 43% in Alaska. Wait...What?!

Thought Texas could be the biggest surprise of Election Night 2016? Maybe not!
A poll of likely voters in Alaska shows Hillary Clinton with a growing lead over Donald Trump particularly with younger voters and women, mirroring trends seen in the lower-48. Craciun Research surveyed 400 voters and found 47-43 leaning for the Democratic nominee with less than two weeks until Election Day.

Trump’s support with likely voters meanwhile has dipped 4% since mid-October. The Gender Gap is at levels not experienced in the recent past with women supporting Clinton by a margin of 17% (55% to 38% respectively). Further impacting the race is the unprecedented endorsement of Clinton by the Alaska Federation of Natives board. In the rural North and Northwest regions of the State, the poll shows Clinton is beating Trump by a margin of almost 5:1 (74% to 15%).
Amazing. And get this:
The poll may also shed light on who the 18% still undecided voters may pick. “If you look at non-partisan voters, Secretary Clinton is winning by a margin of 15 points. That may give you a sense of how the undecided voters will lean on Election Day,” according to pollster Jean Craciun.
If this poll is to be believed, Alaska could turn blue for the first time since 1964! Which sounds insane, but the details (rural numbers, gender gap and indies voting for Clinton) make me think that maybe there's something to this. And this isn't the only poll to show Clinton doing well there, which has led 538 to currently give her a 30% chance of winning it. To put that in perspective, Hillary has a better chance of winning Alaska than Donald has of winning Nevada!

This year has been so weird on so many levels that I feel like there has to be some crazy surprises on Election Day. Hillary Clinton wrapping up the night by winning Alaska would certainly qualify.

So on that note, Alaska early voting is happening now. Let's go ahead and make it happen!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Fires Back at James Comey in Daytona Beach, FL

If James Comey was hoping to depress Democratic enthusiasm and turnout with his controversial little letter to Congress, it looks like he'll be sorely disappointed on November 8th. 

A fiery Hillary Clinton hit back at the latest twist in the FBI email investigation and pumped up her supporters for the final stretch of the campaign before a raucous crowd in Daytona Beach on Saturday.

“It’s not just the fact that my name is on the ballot,” Clinton told a packed house of more than 500 people at the John H. Dickerson Community Center. “Everything we care about is at stake. The American dream itself is at stake.”

The Democratic presidential nominee’s latest trip to the crucial state of Florida was part of a Canvass Kick-Off, in which volunteers who signed up for the campaign would sign up for assignments and be trained in get-out-the-vote operations.

But Clinton turned right to the FBI Director James Comey’s letter to Congress on Friday that the FBI was reportedly investigating the emails of former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner and his estranged wife, Clinton aide Huma Abedin, for any connection to Clinton.

Reports from several outlets have indicated, however, that none of the emails came from Clinton or were connected to her private server, for which the FBI had cleared her of wrongdoing in July.

“Some of you may have heard about a letter written by the FBI director,” Clinton said. “You probably have a few questions about it. It is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. In fact, it’s not just strange, it’s unprecedented and deeply troubling.”

Clinton said that voters “deserve to get the full and complete facts” and called on Comey to “explain everything right away. Put it right out on the table.”

She also criticized her Republican opponent Donald Trump for what she said were “lies” about the situation.

Trump is “doing his best to mislead and discourage the American people,” she said. “I think it’s time for Donald Trump to stop fear mongering. We can’t let him get away with it.”

The standing-room only crowd in the tight space of the gym, which included several hundred in the rafters, roared with approval as Clinton turned to the remaining days of the campaign, saying she was “so motivated, so excited.”
Watch the full speech above, and check out the loud boos that erupt at the 2:20 mark when Hillary mentions the FBI Director. We're not gonna take it!

Reuters/Ipsos Poll: Clinton Leads Big in Early Voting Across the Country... Including Texas!

Haters gonna hate.
Reports have been coming in right and left about incredible turnout in early voting so far in the battlegrounds, particularly in Democratic areas. And this week's massive survey of around 15,000 voters from Reuters/Ipsos is saying the same thing...including in some surprising places:
With 11 days to go before the U.S. presidential election, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leads Republican Donald Trump by 15 percentage points among early voters surveyed in the past two weeks, according to the Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation project.

Though data is not available for all early voting states, Clinton enjoys an edge in swing states such as Ohio and Arizona and in Republican Party strongholds such as Georgia and Texas.

An estimated 19 million Americans have voted so far in the election, according to the University of Florida’s United States Election Project, accounting for as much as 20 percent of the electorate.

Overall, Clinton remained on track to win a majority of votes in the Electoral College, the Reuters/Ipsos survey showed.

In Ohio, Clinton led Trump by double digits among early voters. The project’s broader polling suggests the state is deadlocked between the two candidates.

In Arizona, Clinton also was solidly ahead among early voters. In the past month, Arizona has gradually moved from a solid Trump state to a marginal Clinton state, although it is still too close to call, according to the project results.

In Georgia, she enjoyed a similar lead among early voters. Overall, Georgia leans to Trump, but his lead narrowed to five percentage points this week, down from eights points last week and 13 points a month ago.
Even in Texas...Clinton has a double-digit edge among early voters, according to project results.
Obviously, this great news across the board. Democrats clearly have the enthusiasm advantage. Votes are being locked in for Hillary before any widely-criticized 11th-hour surprises can effect the race. And it also backs up stories we're about early voting in the Democratic strongholds of Texas.

For example:
On Friday, the man in charge of overseeing elections in Harris County says the nation’s second largest voting entity will probably set new records all weekend long.

The county has already broken early voting records every single day since the polling places opened on Monday.

Friday afternoon, the parking lot of the Metropolitan Multiservices Center in Montrose looked more like the mall in December than an early voting site.

Cars were circling nonstop for parking and Houstonians were quickly moving into line trying to beat the rush.
Of course, according to Reuters, Trump has a "sizable lead" overall in their Texas poll (contradicting other polls that show the race very close). But if Clinton's double-digit lead in early voting continues for another seven days...can Donald even catch up on Election Day?

VIDEO: President Obama Campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Orlando, FL

Photo courtesy HFA
Orlando Sentinel:
In a rousing speech before a capacity crowd at the University of Central Florida, President Barack Obama late Friday called on Florida voters — especially young millennials — to carry on his legacy by electing Hillary Clinton president and Patrick Murphy senator.

"Young people, let me say this," Obama told the crowd of about 9,000 at CFE Arena. "You have the chance right now to reject mean-spirited politics that takes us back ... You have the chance to shape history. Don't let that chance slip away."

Obama's message was tailored to a largely young crowd that likely included many voters who supported Hillary Clinton's Democratic primary opponent, Bernie Sanders.

One warm-up speaker, state House candidate Carlos Guillermo Smith, admitted that "earlier this year I was 'feeling the Bern.'" But he said he was voting for Clinton immediately after the rally at the nearest early-voting location — one literally name-checked by Obama later.

"Here in Florida, you can vote early," Obama said. "You can vote right now ... The nearest voting location for Orange County is right down the road at the Alafaya Library. In Seminole County, the nearest voting location is the Oviedo Aquatic Center." 
Obama cited an improved economy, lower unemployment, gay marriage and increased access to health care as his accomplishments and warned that they were all at stake in the election.

"In almost every measure, we are significantly better [off] than we were eight years ago," he said. But, he added, "All the progress made over the last eight years goes out the window if we don't win this election."
The president also went after Rubio again, which never gets old:
The president also gave U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy, a Democratic U.S. Senate candidate in Florida, a shout-out — literally, by starting a "Patrick" chant and by attacking his opponent, Republican incumbent Marco Rubio.

"Unlike his opponent, [Murphy] actually shows up for his job," Obama said, also criticizing Rubio for saying at a debate in Orlando that he doesn't accept that sea levels are rising.

"Now, he's from Miami," Obama said of the city where seawater is often spotted in the streets. "Apparently, what 99 percent of scientists and what your own eyes tell you is not true."

Obama said Rubio, who has been critical of Trump but still said he would vote for him, should have renounced Trump as several other Republican senators did.

"If you run for office on family values, you should've walked away months ago from someone who calls women pigs, dogs ... or rates women not on the content of their character but on a scale from one to 10," he said.
This rally is a seriously inspiring sight following a strange and difficult news day. An amazing speech to a huge and incredibly enthused crowd. Watch it here:

Friday, October 28, 2016

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton in Cedar Rapids, IA

Des Moines Register:
Hillary Clinton took the case for her presidential candidacy, and the case against Donald Trump’s, directly to Iowa women at a rally in Cedar Rapids on Friday.

Flanked by two female candidates for office here and a slate of national women’s political activists, the Democratic nominee eviscerated her Republican rival’s statements and treatment of women as she called on them to vote and direct the outcome of the election.

“Throughout this campaign, actually throughout his life, Donald Trump has demeaned and insulted women,” Clinton said.

She went on to note the allegations of sexual assault that have been leveled against Trump — and his denials, in which he suggested some women weren’t attractive enough to be assaulted. She referenced statements in which Trump said he went into beauty pageant dressing rooms to “inspect” the contestants — including teenagers.

“This is a man who relishes making women feel terrible about themselves,” Clinton said. “In every possible way, he’s someone who thinks belittling and objectifying women makes him a bigger man.”

The crowd ran heavily female, including many wearing Planned Parenthood T-shirts and buttons and shirts identifying them as members of the National Education Association, the teachers’ union. The Secret Service estimated the crowd around 2,000 people, according to the campaign.
Watch the full speech above.

Florida is Clinton Country

With just 11 days to go until the final election day, three quick points on the fundamentals of one key state:
  • Trump has no path to the presidency without Florida
  • Clinton is ahead in Florida
  • Florida early voting has begun and Democratic turnout is huge
In addition to a typical Clinton lead there, a new PPP poll shows the Senate race tied!
And how about this result from Saint Leo University showing a Clinton lead of 13 points in Florida and an 11 points nationally?
This seems like a bit of an outlier as far as Florida, but at least it's a happy outlier! This same poll shows Murphy down by 5, but Rubio is stuck at 44%...a terrible number for an incumbent in a two-way race. That one's gonna be close!

Meanwhile, a special visitor is in Orlando today (watch for the video later today):

Hillary's Damn Emails: It. Never. Ends.

So I guess you've heard by now:
However, this is why it's good to wait: the air is already coming out of this story:
So now the story is, why did the FBI Director release such a vague letter 11 days before an election? This strikes me as insanely irresponsible and we deserve answers now.

Stay tuned for more updates on this mess below.

You've got to be kidding me...
Response from Clinton camp...

Hillary News & Views 10.28.16: FLOTUS, Bullying, Early Voting, Weak Candidate Myth

Today’s Hillary News & Views begins with coverage of Clinton’s campaign rally with First Lady Michelle Obama.

Yahoo! News reports:
"She is ready to be commander-in-chief on Day 1, and yes, she happens to be a woman," Obama said of Clinton, whom she called "my girl."
The 52-year-old wife of President Barack Obama has energized Democrats by criticizing Trump for his strident rhetoric and for what she brands his "frightening" attitude towards women.
Trump's strategy was "to make this election so dirty and ugly that we don't want any part of it," she said.
"When you hear folks talking about a global conspiracy and saying that this election is 'rigged,' understand that they are trying to get you to stay home."
Clinton, whose campaign announced a large fundraising haul on Thursday, struck a tone of unity and optimism.
"As Michelle reminds us, this election is about our kids and, in my case, our grandkids," Clinton said. "Starting right now, let's come together. Let's work together and be hopeful and optimistic and unified."
Melissa McEwan writes for Shareblue:
Watching Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama campaign together for the first time is the invigorating balm we needed.
Not just because their shared vision for the future is inspiring. Not just because the policies they advocate are to build bridges rather than walls. Not just because they are two women who deeply care about people, and it shows in their every word.
But also because their very presence onstage together, their unreserved admiration for one another, their friendship, is inherently a rejection of everything for which Trump stands.
They are the leaders we need. They are women of strength and achievement. They are the very embodiment of a future rooted in dignity and respect for women and girls. They are stronger together.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Bill Clinton Wins the Presidency (1992)

In honor of our fast-approaching Election Day, here's Peter Jennings calling the 1992 race for Bill Clinton and victory speeches from the new president-elect and vice president-elect.

If you're ready for another big party in less than two weeks, get out the vote and volunteer!

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama in Winston-Salem, NC

USA Today:
Eight years after a hard-fought primary battle, it is the wife of Hillary Clinton's onetime opponent who may be the Democratic nominee's most effective campaign surrogate.
For the first time, Clinton was joined on the campaign trail Thursday by first lady Michelle Obama, who appears to be all but clearing her schedule to ensure her husband is succeeded by the former secretary of State.

The rally in Winston-Salem, N.C., with the first lady, described by the Clinton campaign as their “not-so-secret weapon," was meant to encourage early voting in the Tar Heel State.

“Michelle reminds us to work hard, stay true to our values, be good to one another and never, ever stop fighting for what we believe in," Clinton told supporters Thursday.
NBC News:
Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama spoke out against bullies -- both in the classroom and the 2016 presidential race -- in their first joint campaign appearance on Thursday.

"You may have noticed that I have been doing some campaigning for Hillary," Michelle Obama said. "And I know that there are some folks out there who have commented that it's been unprecedented for a sitting first lady to be so actively engaged in a presidential campaign. And that may be true, but what's also true is that this is truly an unprecedented election."

The first lady has been one of Clinton's most effective surrogates this campaign ever since her well-reviewed address at the Democratic National Convention in July. She has become one of the most popular public figures in America and has been deployed to college campuses in swing states to encourage young voters to cast ballots early.

"Seriously is there anyone more inspiring that Michelle Obama?" Clinton said during her introduction of the first lady.
This is probably one of my favorite rallies of 2016....great speeches from both Hillary and Michelle, a massive crowd and a general feeling of victory in the air!

Watch the full video below. Unless it's edited later, Clinton and Obama are introduced at the 35-minute mark:

Hillary News & Views 10.27.2016: Millennials, Brittany Packett, Waiting 96 Years, Bad*ss Woman

Some very unenthusiastic people with HRC, Oct 23 2016 (photo by Barbara Kinney/HFA)

Guest post by aphra behn

Hello, Hillary-supporting community! It's great to be with you, on the day after Hillary Clinton’s birthday! I hope you enjoy today’s edition of positive, pro-Hillary news.
Mahita Gajana reports for Time on Clinton’s 14 point polling lead:
Hillary Clinton has widened her lead over Donald Trump, polling 14 percentage points ahead nationally, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll, which comes 12 days before the presidential election.
Conducted after the final presidential debate, the poll finds the Democratic nominee leads Trump among likely voters 51% to 37%, a significant lead over the Republican candidate.
According to the poll, Clinton has support of 90% of likely Democratic voters, as well as support from 15% of moderate Republicans. Of the Republicans surveyed, 79% said they would vote for Trump.
More good polling news from Aaron Blake at the WaPo: Clinton support is strengthening among millennials:
A new poll of 18-to-29-year olds from the Harvard Institute of Politicsshows Clinton leading Donald Trump by 28 points among young likely voters in a four-way matchup that includes Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, 49 percent to 21 percent. That 28-point margin is notably bigger than Obama's 23-point margin in 2012, when he beat Mitt Romney 60-37 among this group.
And there's evidence that Clinton's lead could grow from there. Libertarian Gary Johnson takes 13 percent of likely voters, and Green Party nominee Jill Stein takes 6 percent — both down from where they were previously. And it's likely they'll drop further as young voters confront a choice between a protest vote and picking between Clinton and Trump (third-party candidates almost always see their vote share drop off at the end. That's happening to Johnson right now). was always far-fetched that Trump would match Mitt Romney's 37 percent showing among this group. His best hope was that Johnson and/or Stein would continue to win over young voters who don't have much affection for Clinton, and that this would eat into her margin. Instead, the rallying effect to Clinton among young voters appears to be one of the big stories of the closing weeks of the 2016 election.
Here’s some qualitative analysis the round out those polls, as Time reports thatClinton’s debate performances may have helped sway younger voters:
“She has her own charm. She has her own power,” said Chris Proano, an 18-year-old student in Philadelphia who also supported Sanders during the primary. “You saw at the debate how calm she was and confident in her preparation.”
“The way she reacted to Trump was relatable,” said Jane Tomic, a 25-year-old former Sanders supporter and student in Philadelphia. “That expression of complete disbelief at the things Trump was saying made me feel much more connected to her.”
“Obama has a likability and a charisma that a lot of people think Hillary lacks,” said Cameron, a student making calls who declined to give her last name. “But the more I actually watch Hillary, the more I hear what she has to say, the more I find myself liking her.”
Wayde Goodwyn at NPR has some analysis about Texas potentially going blue for Hillary:
"He has turned off women all over America," Reed says, "and it really doesn't matter whether you are an R or a D. We're no different when it comes to that kind of thing. So, the soccer mom today, while she cares more about economic stuff, there comes a point where there's a bridge too far, and I'm seeing already in North Dallas a couple of the nasty woman T-shirts."
Khan’s remarks come amidst a day of campaigning for Clinton, where he is meeting with community leaders, volunteers, veterans and military families.
"This city is the most appropriate city to utter these words. I say it with complete comprehension: Donald Trump as a candidate has proven himself temperamentally unfit to be the commander of chief of this great nation," Khan said.
The public appearance comes on the heels of the release last week of an emotional 60-second campaign advertisement for Clinton featuring Khan. He shared the story of his son’s death and asked Trump, “Would my son have a place in your America?”
Clinton spent the morning of her birthday doing an interview with The Breakfast Club:
Hillary Clinton made an appearance on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club this morning, where she spoke to the trio about gun violence, police brutality, and the effect that Donald Trump's candidacy has had on American society.
"It's something that we have to be honest about. We have to face up to systemic racism. We see it in jobs, we see it in education, we see it in housing. But let's be really clear; it's a big part of what we're facing in the criminal justice system. African American men get arrested, charged, convicted, and incarcerated far more often and for far longer for doing the same thing that white men do," Sec. Clinton said in response to Angela Yee's question concerning tensions between police and minority communities.
..."What Trump has done is to make it possible for people who had racist, sexist, and all kinds of prejudices and bigotry to put them right out there. Now, I'm not going to be able to wave a magic wand and change everybody's thoughts. That's something that can only happen by people working on themselves and being held to account by the rest of us, but what he's done really unleashed a lot of darkness and divisiveness."
On a more lighthearted note, she also addressed the viral meme that her debate wardrobe was inspired by Death Row records. And also described her love of dance parties:
Host Charlamagne Tha God asked Clinton if she was a good dancer, to which the presidential nominee demurred that while she “loved to dance,” she might not be quite on BeyoncĂ©’s level.
She did, however, promise that she would be bringing more dance parties to “close the fun deficit” if elected president.
“I keep telling people I want to close deficit, and one of the deficits I want to close is the fun deficit,” Clinton said. “We gotta close the fun deficit. I’m sick of all this meanness — why don’t these people that support my opponent go out dancing? I think we need a big national dance.”
Michelle Obama will be hitting the campaign trail with HRC in North Carolina. There’s a full slate of upcoming campaign events across the country with HRC and great surrogates like Tim Kaine, so check it out!
A CBS analysis of early voting in NC and Florida brings some  good news for HRC:
In North Carolina, registered Democrats have a clear advantage with nearly half of the early vote (48 percent) while 28 percent of early voters are registered as Republicans, and almost a quarter (24 percent) are not affiliated with either party. Note also, in North Carolina as in many southern states, party registration may not be a good proxy for vote; some older voters may have registered as Democrats long ago when the state was more firmly Democratic, but may not vote that way anymore.
In Florida, early voters are more likely to be white than the electorate is as a whole.  According to voter file estimates early voters are 72 percent white, 16 percent Hispanic, and 9 percent black. Exit polls from 2012 showed the Florida electorate to be 67 percent white, 17 percent Hispanic, 13 percent black, and the voter files show registered voters as 60 percent white, 21 percent Hispanic and 15 percent black.
In North Carolina, whites and blacks are voting early at approximately equal rates, which helps registered Democrats exceed registered Republicans, and most North Carolina African Americans are registered Democrats. 
Hillary Clinton has spent her whole damn career breaking through glass ceilings, and in 2008 she called the presidency the, “highest, hardest glass ceiling” of them all. So when her staff announced she’d host her election-night party at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York, it made sense. According to Politico, her campaign sent out a round emails telling lawmakers to “save the date” for the festivities.
Another day, another amazing video from the Clinton campaign. This one features Malcolm Kenyatta:
Over at ShareBlue, Melissa McEwan analyzes the unwillingness of many media figuresto acknowlege the gender bias in their reporting of Clinton:
Clinton has been subjected to a level of scrutiny so relentless and intense that it was somehow, incredibly, acceptable for the paper of record to publish a “news” article inviting “body language experts” to assess the authenticity of her gestures — and to report that they found her to be “dishonest” even in her very mannerisms.
Clinton was also subjected to being asked, over and over, why people do not like her. A demeaning question for a historic candidate who resoundingly won her primary and was leading the race for the White House, running against an opponent who has engaged in rank bigotry and boasted about sexually assaulting women. But somehow, astonishingly, it was not he who was repeatedly asked why he is not better liked.
Coverage of Clinton included panels of talking heads convened to discuss her voice, her laugh, whether she smiles enough — or too much. To admonish her for “shouting.” To talk about her hair, her clothes, her accessories. To sneer at her jokes and disdainfully disqualify any personal tidbit she shares as “pandering” and “cynical” and a desperate, pathetic attempt to connect to voters. To openly laugh at anything she does that reveals her humanity
….No man in her position, including her contemptible opponent, has been subjected to anything like the level of harassment and dehumanization masquerading as political coverage that Clinton has been.
Apparently Michael Moore is taking credit (!!) for Hillary’s success. Fannie at Fannie’s Room has a few things to say about that:
This attempted narrative that Michael Moore has uniquely "lit a fire" under people to take the US presidential election seriously erases the women, especially women of color, who comprise Hillary's base, who are and have been her most enthusiastic supporters, and who have trusted and backed her even when Moore was supporting Bernie Sanders over her.   Many of us have always been taking this race seriously, viewing Trump not through the lens of abstraction or entertainment, but as a genuine threat to democracy, bodily autonomy, and human dignity.

This is not to say Moore has not had an impact, but man oh man. There is a saying women sometimes hear when people feel that we've gotten too uppity and it usually goes something like "get over yourself." I suggest that it might apply to Moore in this case, even though men are of course given far greater latitude than women to self-promote and exaggerate their influence, competence, and skills.

So, before we let him re-write history (before it's even been written I might add - are we all getting a leeeetle bit ahead of ourselves here with the Election 2016 post-mortems?), I'd like to give credit to some of the writers, public figures, and people in the TV/film industry who I think have been pretty darn impactful in terms of lighting fires under the populace (not a comprehensive list, so add to it if you will):

Shonda Rhimes, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders (...eventually, via his endorsement), Cecile Richards, Kerry Washington, Khizr Khan, Hillary Clinton's social media and Twitter team who have been on point all year, The Washington Post'sElection 2016 Fact Checker, Melissa McEwan/Peter Daou and colleagues at Shareblue, the dozens of editors of major newspapers across the US who have officially endorsed Clinton, Lindy West, theBroad City gals, Ellen DeGeneres, Sarah Silverman, Kate McKinnon, andeven whoever made that Shaquille O'Neal shimmy gif.
I mean how do you even end this list or sufficiently quantify it, really?  
As a postscript, if you want to see some enthusiastic Clinton supporters? Peter Daou has you covered here.
Daily Kos FP writer Thandisizwe Chimurenga reported yesterday on Clinton receiving endorsements from two prominent leaders in the Black Lives Matter movement, Deray Mckesson and Brittany Packett. I wanted to highlight some of Packett’s endorsement in particular, as she describes how she warmed to Clinton. Via an interview with Melissa Harris-Perry:
Part of it was coming to see and understand Hillary's personal story more. Have you seen the Humans of New York video of her discussing her experiences as a young law student? The first time I watched the video I identified with her in a way that I hadn't before. She discussed taking her law school entrance exams and having men verbally assault her. That resonated with me. I vividly remember my experiences of sexism and racism, and I could see how her experiences had imprinted on her as well. Those moments never go away. They shape you.
...Listening to Secretary Clinton discuss her own experiences assured me she understood that reality. She wanted to help people as a lawyer, she had to clear all these additional barriers the men in the room didn't have manage. She used a phrase: she put her head down. I've literally said that exact same thing to myself so many times—just put your head down because ultimately the work is what matters.
Once I connected to her on a human level, I realized I needed to take responsibility to understand what she's accomplished. I learned more about her time at the Children's Defense Fund and about her time organizing around issues that matter to me. I found myself having deeper respect for her. And as a woman of color, I see more of myself among her staff than among the staff of other candidates. That matters.
Speaking of endorsements, the Yale Record has quite a non-endorsement:
In its 144-year history, The Yale Record has never endorsed a Democratic candidate for president. In fact, we have never endorsed any candidate for president. This is, in part, due to our strong commitment to being a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, which mandates that we are “absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.”
In particular, we do not endorse Hillary Clinton’s exemplary leadership during her 30 years in the public eye. We do not support her impressive commitment to serving and improving this country—a commitment to which she has dedicated her entire professional career. Because of unambiguous tax law, we do not encourage you to support the most qualified presidential candidate in modern American history, nor do we encourage all citizens to shatter the glass ceiling once and for all by electing Secretary Clinton on November 8.
Although I don’t have a Thursday Herstory today, here’s an amazing website for those who are interested in the subject: I Waited 96Years. It profiles Hillary-supporting women who were born before women in the US had the right to vote. AMAZING. Here are a couple of them:
Stellajoe Staebler, 100
Centralia, WA
“I have imagined that this would happen someday”
  • Born June 1916 in Knoxville, TN
  • Worked as a secretary, including civil service jobs during World War II
  • Peace activist and conservationist, among volunteer roles
  • Was married for 51 years
  • Three daughters, four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. 
“This vote means that the population of the U.S. has not gone completely berserk. I am grateful that at the age of 100 I’m still able to vote and that there is a highly qualified woman to vote for. I have imagined that this would happen someday. I’m thrilled that it’s in my lifetime and that the Democratic party has given us this chance.”
Mary Sue Wilson, 101
Bakersville, NC
“I remember when women got the right to vote”
  • Born October 1915 in Gaffney, SC
  • Moved to Mitchell County, NC at 25 to work as a store clerk
  • Eloped when her mother didn’t approve of her marriage
  • Still lives in the home her husband built decades ago
  • Three children, six grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren
“I turned 101 years old on Monday, October 17 and Thursday my two sons and my youngest granddaughter took me to early voting. I remember when women got the right to vote, and this week I got to vote for a woman for president. I think I'll get to see a woman president in my lifetime—and I think that woman will be Hillary Clinton. My first time voting was when I turned 21 in 1936. I voted for FDR. I was born a Democrat and I'll die a Democrat.”
Michaela Angela Davis from Filmmakers for Hillary on Vimeo has a simple message: It’s Time for a Bad*ss Woman in the White House:
Finally, because I like to end with something fun, here is James Franco’s pro-Hillary spot, in which she becomes “The Most Interesting Woman in the World”:
PS Thanks to everyone who was supportive about my wedding this past weekend! Accomplishment unlocked: get hitched. :)
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