Sunday, September 11, 2016

We Still Remember

...and always will.

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  1. I was in NYC for a few weeks, in August, 2011. I had a hotel room on the lower east side, with a blocked view, but I could see the top of the towers. Sticking up there like a sore thumb, I joked.

    There was an earlier bombing attempt, and I thought everyone knew it was a target, and that there would be another attempt. At that time I had this strange trust in our internal intelligence, and I calmed myself by thinking if I were expecting another try, so were the smart people. They'd already figured out all the possible ways, they already knew the dates with historical symbolism, they were on it.

    I rode a bike along the river, and my friends wanted to show me the inside, and I did walk though it, fast, in the back door and out the front door.

    That's where Rudy set up his command central, inside the most obvious target.

    He got cheap on communications, so the fire department and the police department weren't on the same wave length and the police knew to get out and the firefighters thought they had to go in.

    Back home I was awake early and had the TV on, and saw the second plane go in.

    Under Bush, Katrina was an international scandal, people died from his ideological incompetence. Under Obama, governmental agencies work.

    Competence matters.

    We need to elect Hillary. Really.