Saturday, September 17, 2016

VIDEO: Tim Kaine Rally in Exeter, NH (9/15/16)
Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine campaigned in New Hampshire on Thursday and told supporters that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have very different visions for the country.

Kaine led a discussion on expanding opportunity for young Granite Staters in the afternoon in Portsmouth before speaking at an event at Exeter Town Hall.

"New Hampshire's really important," Kaine said in Exeter. "You guys are really, really important."

Kaine held up Clinton's book, "Stronger Together," and compared it to Trump's "Crippled America" to underscore the difference in their visions.

"This is a view that is a view out of the penthouse of a tall tower," Kaine said, referring to Trump's book. "Looking down and looking at a nation and seeing a crippled America. I do not recognize this picture of our country."

Kaine said that "stronger together" is also the theme of Clinton's police proposals.

"If we're going to build an economy, it's got to work for everybody, not just a few," Kaine said. "If we're going to be strong in the world, part of that strength is alliances, rather than just building walls and tearing up alliances."
Watch the next vice president's full speech above (he goes on around the 4-minute mark).

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