Sunday, September 18, 2016

VIDEO: President Obama and Hillary Clinton Speak at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Dinner

President Barack Obama delivered an impassioned plea to the African-American community Saturday night to help stop Donald Trump, saying he would consider it a "personal insult" to his legacy if black voters didn't turn out for Hillary Clinton.

Addressing the Congressional Black Caucus gala for the last time as president, Obama warned that while his name would not be on the ballot in November, all of the progress that the country has made over the last eight years was on the line.

"If I hear anybody saying their vote does not matter, that it doesn't matter who we elect -- read up on your history. It matters. We've got to get people to vote," Obama said. "I will consider it a personal insult -- an insult to my legacy -- if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election. You want to give me a good sendoff? Go vote."

Obama's speech -- coming less than two months away from Election Day -- marked some of his harshest words yet about Trump, as well as his most forceful call on the black community to get behind Clinton.
Our great president has pledged to do everything in his power to elect a Democratic successor, and Republicans have every reason to be terrified at the thought. This is especially true after Saturday's fiery speech and his amazing rally in Philadelphia last Tuesday.

Our next great president also spoke at the event:
Speaking moments before the president, Clinton lauded Obama and also took on the birther controversy that has been swirling.

"Even when hateful nonsense is thrown their way, Barack, Michelle, their two beautiful daughters have represented our country with class, grace and integrity," said Clinton, who served as Obama's secretary of state.

She added, "Mr. President, not only do we know you are an American, you are a great American."

Clinton, who accepted the group's "Trailblazer Award" on Saturday night for becoming the first female presidential candidate for a major political party, nodded to Trump when she said that the choice in November "is not about golf course promotions or birth certificates, it comes down to who will fight for the forgotten."

"We can't let Barack Obama's legacy fall into the hands of someone who doesn't understand that, whose dangerous divisive vision for our country will drag us backwards," she said, though she never mentioned Trump's name.
No doubt about it: This is what a winning team looks like. So let's go win this thing!

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