Monday, September 12, 2016

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton's CNN Interview on 9/11, ISIS, North Korea and Putin
Fifteen years later, the scene is still seared into Hillary Clinton's memory.
"We saw this curtain of black smoke that was stretched across the island," Clinton recalled. "Occasionally it would be broken by a firefighter coming out. I remember one image so indelibly, dragging his ax, and it was as close to depiction of hell that I've ever personally seen."

Those were the things Clinton saw as she approached Ground Zero on September 12, 2001 -- the day after the country's worst terrorist attacks brought down New York City's World Trade Center and left thousands dead.

In an exclusive interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, Clinton -- at the time New York's junior senator -- described the "sickening experience" of 9/11 and how she coped with the national tragedy by getting right to work.
This interview was conducted on Friday, and as we now know, Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia that day. But even under the weather, she's still a thousand times sharper, smarter, and more presidential than Trump on any given day.

Watch the full interview above, which largely focuses on the 9/11 anniversary but delves into current national security topics as well.

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